I thought as it was December and the end of the year that I would do a post which showed the various areas I had featured over the last year in the End of Month posts.  Above is the Cottage Border (or the Top of the Wall Border).  I did miss taking a photo of it in November. I have to say that I was very surprised when I put the mosaic together at just how good it looked during the year.  I have been very critical of it, as I think I have of the whole garden and myself, but looking back it wasn’t that bad.  Whether the tulips will be as good next Spring given the rummaging the badger has done remains to be seen.

The patio border  has looked very lush during the year which resulted in me giving it a good clear out  in October much to the shock of some readers.  The bulbs are now beginning to push through the mulch and hopefully in the next month or so there will  be a good display.

Above is the slope which also goes under the name of the Daisy Border although it needs more daisies.  For some reason I didn’t take any photos before June.  I have some rejigging to do here- the Phlomis are relocating to the front garden and the Helianthus Lemon Queen is being thinned plus there are two more Asters waiting to go in.

In January 2013 I will start a new End of Month view this time of the front garden which I have started to work on.

You are very welcome to join in with this monthly meme.  You can use it any way you wish but it would be great if you could post  a link to your post in the comments box so we can all visit your garden.