I don’t go in for New Year resolutions as I think they are unhealthy and put you under pressure to achieve something which you will no doubt fail to achieve as you have never achieved it before.  But I have projects, plans and aspirations for 2013 many of them garden related.

In practical terms there are a number of projects that I want to carry out or even complete.  To start with the front garden project, started Spring 2012 needs finishing.  The weather and allotment just conspired against me and what should have been a fairly quick job of reshaping the lawn dragged on all year and still isn’t complete.  I have one more edge to straighten and a stepping stone to lay.  Then I need to finish preparing the borders followed by some plant moving.  This is still a work in progress plant wise as I haven’t quite  got the planting completed in my head.  The front garden will be the focus of this year End of Month View posts so you will see for yourself  how  I get on.


I also want to extend  the steps up the garden.  I am forever slipping on the ‘grass’ at the top of them even when we haven’t had as much rain as we have had this year.  I am still trying to work out a purpose/identity for the corner border and I think extending the steps up to the gravel path will help define this space better and help my thought process.  The extended steps will no doubt mean that the ‘lawn’ has to be reshaped but this will mean more planting space.  I am also still toying with the idea of digging up the whole back lawn but  am dithering because due to the slope I would need to add in more steps to help with access and it would also be a huge planting space for me. I think I need to focus on finishing off  other  projects first but who  knows it might be a project for 2014.


The final project is a small one and that is to sort out the patio.  I can’t afford to replace it  but I want to pretty it up.  In particular I need to address the area near the bike shed which has become a dumping ground.  There is a wooden planter here which my son made me years  back which is now falling to pieces and now he is a cabinet-maker he isn’t that proud of it.  This will go and I want to replace it with a rectangular pot which will be the focus point with a climber in it to cover the fence.  I then intend to use the cleared space as a display for pots with plants that need a little shade.  Well that’s the idea.  I also intend to paint the fence a dark brown to show off the plants and I am thinking of doing this to all the fences – though that does sound daunting.

disguising the boundary is an ongoing challenge.  Over the last year I have planted a number of shrubs and climbers but I hadn’t really taken into account winter and as many are deciduous  it all looks a little bare so I  need to look at adding some more evergreens. I also need to address the compost bin situation as it is completely out of hand and a sign that I need to improve the way I do things which leads me on to my real driver this year.

I want to learn to be a better gardener and move towards my aspiration  to become a plantswoman; this is my real focus and challenge.   Now the  allotment has gone I feel more focussed and am finally seeing my garden properly for the first time in years.  My  urge to buy  plants is still there but it is not the most important thing  now; maybe this means I have matured as a gardener.  I  want to learn about plants in detail.  I have looked at various  courses and I know enough about propagation, naming plants and the component parts for now.  There aren’t any courses that fulfil my need so I have decided to roll up my sleeves and teach myself.  I have joined a number of specialist plant groups so I can learn directly from the experts and I am reading – a lot.

I am pleased to say that due to the drier weather I  have started the New Year with two good gardening sessions including starting to empty out the compost bins.  It is lucky I have an appointment at the chiropractor on Monday as I think I will need sorting out by then.