I made bread


Having watched the Great British Bake Off for a few years I decided it was about time I learnt to make bread.  I have tried in the past  and produced the odd brick, even the pre-mixed packets haven’t really worked for me and I don’t have space for a bread maker.

My sons took my comments on board and for Christmas bought me Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake along with a number of Mary Berry cake books.

With no more excuses and time on my hands yesterday I set to and had another go following the basic white tin bread recipe.  I like this book as it explains  as much as is possible how to knead, what you are looking for and what to expect it to look like. I learnt that you should keep salt and yeast separate in the bowl or they cancel each other. The book has masses of recipes for all sorts of baking and I intend to work my way through it slowly by surely. The style is friendly, chatty and very informative.

As for my first attempt – the result is an OK loaf of bread.  It smells good, tastes like bread although it is a little dense in texture.  Not a bad start and it is disappearing fast always a good sign.


13 Comments on “I made bread

  1. There’s nothing quite like the smell of baking bread. Your loaf looks excellent. I was given a bread maker (actually I requested it) for Christmas a couple of years ago and was told by skeptics that it would likely end up unused and in a cupboard but I have to say it’s been worth it’s weight in gold. I use it a lot and with the price of bread nowadays it’s very welcome in my kitchen!

  2. That looks like a fantastic loaf, I can almost smell it! I had a look through a copy of Paul Hollywood’s book whilst visiting at Christmas and I thought it looked really good. I am building up to have a go at sourdough bread, I thought his recipes seemed a lot simpler than some I’ve seen.
    Enjoy your bread!

  3. Looking good Helen. I made a few loaves last year and was quite pleased with them. The only downside was that they probably went quicker. It’s that delicious aroma when they are cooking – somehow it’s not quite the same with supermarket sliced.

  4. There is nothing as satisfying as making bread, I don’t know why this is true but it is, Good luck with all your future loaves, this first one looks delicious. Christina

  5. Your loaf looks pretty good to me. I’ve had a bread maker for years but hubby gets anxious about cost of using it. I make a rye bread occasionally – the easiest I’ve ever made and only takes 15 mins in microwave. Downside – I have to slice and freeze and use for toast after one day. Good luck with it – at least you know what goes in it.

  6. I used to make a lot of bread in a breadmaker but it takes four hours to bake a loaf – so I don’t bother any more. Bread is one of my guilty pleasures and as I am trying to get rid of Christmas calories bread is on the no-no list at the moment. I must say your loaf looks just the job.,

  7. It looks lovely. I have been making our bread for years and made some today. You could have knocked someone out with my first loaf of sourdough bread, but my husband bravely ate it anyway.

  8. That’s a perfectly nice looking loaf of bread, Helen. I had a go at baking some last year and it’s very satisfying fun, and good eating too. Like yours mine was a tad on the dense side, but that just made it perfect for toasting.

    • Hi Jamie
      The bread has all gone now so no doubt I will have to make another one soon – it certainly went down well

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