Wordless Wednesday 9/1/2013 – Echeveria Elegans


8 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday 9/1/2013 – Echeveria Elegans

  1. The arrangement of petals and leaves on plants never ceases to amaze me – they are invariably perfectly designed 🙂

  2. Helen, I brought mine into the greenhouse which is heated for the first time this year. I removed some of the little side shoots and I am thrilled to say they have rooted. It’s a beautiful plant and I temporarily brought it indoors to grace my dining room table. Great photograph.

    • Hi Nel, I was told the other day that they were hardy in the UK and had withstood the very low temperatures (-18C) we had a few years ago. However, mine are still in a frost free greenhouse as I dont know if I want to risk them especially when we have low temperatures forecast this coming week

  3. I had a ‘hardy strain’ outside for quite a few years but 2010 winter did for it. I keep my ‘regular’ ones overwinter in a unheated greenhouse. Normally they come through unscathed but I have started to keep the odd one in a frost free front porch and yes they do propagate very easily

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