Monthly photo – January 2013


Today I am joining in with Katarina’s new monthly meme.  The idea is that you post a photograph that represents the current month to you on the 15th of the month.

January  to me is grey, damp, still.  I have a growing fascination in the bare skeletons of trees and their structure.  I have started to notice how different species have different shapes although I have to wait until spring and leaves to appear before I can start to identify which tree is which.  Learning more about recognising different species of trees particularly in winter is something I would really like to do.

If you  like to join in with Katarina’s meme pop over to her  blog

10 Comments on “Monthly photo – January 2013

  1. Bare trees has its own beauty, and can look ethereal at this time of the year, with mainly grey skies and mists. Almost halfway through the month already!

  2. Now that’s a majestic tree Helen. I’m constantly berating myself for being so ignorant on the subject of trees especially like you being able to identify them in winter. It’s fascinating to see what lies underneath the foliage though and to notice bird’s nests which you do not see when there is a leaf covering. A reminder of how much wildlife our trees sustain.

  3. I found myself wishing I could identify trees from their skeletons on the river walk last week, some of them are so distinctive you know it must be possible, but I still struggle when they are in leaf! A definitely “January” vibe in that photo.

  4. The tree has a lovely structure and it will great to follow its lifecycle through one year.
    Thanks for participating!

  5. Trees are really fascinating! Your tree is beautiful and majestic. If old trees could speak I bet they could tell you exciting stories about things they have seen around them.

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