Plant Me Now – Starter Plants

2013_02210018I have agreed this year to act as an Ambassador for Plant Me Now and to trial some of their plants and report back through my blog.

Plant Me Now offers plants online – no need to visit a garden centre!  You can make your choices of annuals and perennials from their website.  They also offer a wide range of seeds, tools and garden care products – in fact most things you would find at a garden centre.  Plant Me Now have been in the business of growing plants for 25 years so have a wealth of experience behind them.  They call themselves an ‘online garden centre’ with one aim “to provide a comprehensive range of garden supplies at unbeatable prices!”

My first selection of plants to review were from the Annual  range.  I chose Geranium Pelgard Vancouver Centennial, Lobelia Waterfall White Sparkle and Diascia Little Drifter.  I’m hoping to have some very bright hanging baskets this summer!

2013_02170005 2013_02170006

The plants arrived within 24 hours of me being advised of their dispatch.  They were packed as you can see above with a cardboard sleeve and sent by courier as opposed to in the post.  All the plants were in good condition and looked very healthy with good root systems.  Plant Me Now use ‘glued plugs’ which means they bind together the compost and therefore protect the roots resulting in the plant and its roots arriving in good condition.   You can see how healthy they look in the photograph above.

Following the advice, I stood the plugs in water for a while before potting up.  I potted mine up into the next obvious size pot as I think it is important not to over-pot plants, I was pleased to see that the advice sheet warned that the young plants will need protecting from frost and cold weather and therefore shouldn’t be planted out until all danger of frost had passed – not advice you always find in DIY stores, supermarkets and some garden centres.

I think if you like growing pots of annuals and hanging baskets then buying plants at this size and growing them on can result in a significant financial savings.  Plus you have the pleasure of having growing the plants partially yourself.

I will be reviewing some more plants for Plant Me Now next month and will provide an update on the starter annuals then.

18 Comments on “Plant Me Now – Starter Plants

  1. How nice to be chosen…I do order many plants through the internet but decided to frequent a local nursery instead as it was getting so expensive with annual plants bought online here in the US. Yours look so nice compared to many I have received in years past. Looks like a very reputable company.

  2. Helen, the plants look really healthy and isn’t it exciting to see lovely plants ripe for potting on. It gives us all hope. I will definitely have a look at their website.

  3. Looks a good company, not heard of them before so will go and take a look. Will be interested to see how your ‘testing’ plants turn out.

  4. I’ve just discovered your posts… great fun to have this opportunity to trial plants. I’m trialing several new things this spring although I did have to purchase the assortments. Anxious to check out more of your posts! Larry

  5. I order lots of mail order plants and I’m really intrigued by that packaging. Much better than what I’m used to receiving.

    • Hi James
      Quite a few of the bigger mail order companies use similar styles of packaging here in the UK. It seems to keep the plants well protected and is quite light so I expect keeps the postage costs down

    • excellent – we can compare notes. Will be interested to see what you selected

  6. Looks like a good selection 🙂 I’m always interested in why Diascia is sold as an annual when it’s always lasted for years in my garden. Perhaps it’s because I’m gardening in the south-west – I must remember to look up its new hardiness rating.

    • Hi VP – I agree there are quite a few plants sold generally as annual bedding plants which are peennial in milder areas. I suppose the marketing is very generic in this country and we havent adopted the US way of stating hardiness ratings. I was amused on Saturday when Bob Brown was casually referring to hardiness ratings and there were lots of blank looks.

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  9. The company that makes the packaging is the only UK company that makes a dedicated range of thermoformed packaging specifically for the mail order plug plant market. They are called Macpac and are based in Stockport. Their website address is

  10. The mail order clampacks can be bought on the internet through Macpac Ltd who are based in Stockport – try – you can buy them in single, or multiple cartons or even by the pallet load ! I think the ones in the photograph are of a 5cm plantpac which will hold 6 plants – if you look at their website you will see other sizes too. I believe they will be exhibiting their range at Four Oaks and Grosouth horticultural trade shows this year.

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