Monthly Photo – March 2013


There doesn’t seem to be much difference in my March photo of the tree than my January photo.  Though I am sure that if I looked closely at the branches there would be lots of swelling buds just waiting for the temperatures to warm up.  I don’t even know what sort of tree this is but each month on the 15th I will be taking a photograph of it as part of Katarina’s monthly meme.


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  1. cabernat says:

    It’s looking very cold there at the moment. It will be interesting to see the changes.


  2. Cathy says:

    It will be fascinating watching the transformation of that skeletal structure, Helen

  3. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Looks cold – I think the drought has broken – light mist from the north – supposed to be lots of rain over next few days from the north here in Auckland. The whole of the North Island has been declared a drought – feels like living in Aussie. Even the West Coast of the South Island is drought – usually the wettest in NZ – farmers are having to buy in supplementary feeding although not as nutritious – eg the straw from barley and wheat crops that is usually burnt. Streams, rivers and lakes very low or dry. It has been lovely for swimmers and people who are not gardeners or farmers. Soon we will probably be moaning that that is enough rain! But the rain makes NZ so green a beautiful that without it for such a long time is scary.

  4. It seems that you to are sharing a cold, wet, and overcast spring. The buds are breaking on our maples so I sense we are just days from real spring weather..

  5. Can’t tell what species of tree it is, but I know for a fact near that very tree there is a beautiful Sorbus aria (whitebeam) and that’ll look fantastic in spring as it’s silvery viened foliage emerges. I do sometimes fear for the trees on the common, lately they seem to be doing alot of felling, partly due to disease – but partly due to safety concerns I think. The council stated they would re plant a Lime tree that was felled due to ustulina deusta (down by the carpark), but it’s already sprouted up.. Wonder if they’ll grind the stump out?….

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