My Garden this Weekend – 24th March 2013



The pictures speak for themselves


22 Comments on “My Garden this Weekend – 24th March 2013

  1. Yes, all looks very similar here! I’ve also got a little moggy who sits and looks at the snow outside.

  2. I’ve just been looking at your lovely botanical paintings, Helen. I expect that’s what you are doing this afternoon! (There’s always a plus to bad weather!)

    • Hi Cathy
      You are kind, I havent done any painting since last October lost my confidence and didnt enjoy the classes any more. Thinking about doing some sketching as I enjoy it more than watercolour which is so hard

  3. Oh most frustrating isn’t it? A cold wind here too – made it as far as the greenhouse this afternoon but no further.

    • Hi Anna
      The only thing I have done is make paths in the snow to try and work out what to do with the lawn – real mess out there now!!

  4. I have to admit the vieuws of your garden with snow are beautiful. But it would be better when it were photo’s of December. Spring is on the corner but I think it has a bad GPS. It can’t find our country’s.
    Have a wonderful sunday Helen.

  5. It must be so depressing for you. I theatre even nere in Italy we ha e hai snow in March but never as heavy as that. If it helps we have a whole week of rain forecast and not even warm, but temperatures back below zero at night. C

  6. Sitting here looking through last years March/April gardening magazines just to remind myself what should be happening !

  7. Crumbs. We’re not so far from you but have completely escaped any snow here ( saw just a few tiny flakes drifting down this morning ). Wind, wind and wind is our lot at the moment. Hope your snow melts soon – and we all see some proper springlike weather soon too!

  8. My garden in Pennsylvania looks pretty much the same as yours; it snowed last night and through the day today. Fortunately, temperatures are just above freezing, so it should all melt in a day or two. This weather pattern is getting very old; last year at this time, we had daytime temperatures in the 70s (F) and spring bulbs and flowering trees were a riot of color. They are promising us normal temperatures (55F) by the weekend; I think many of my plants are just waiting for that encouragement to bloom.

  9. The other day I walked past a decorated shop window and saw some lovely Christmas baubles. It took me a while to realise that those were not Christmas baubles, but decorated Easter eggs hanging in the shop window…
    It’s much the same when I look out the window; it looks like a pretty Christmas scene, but I’d really like to see less snow (or even – dare I dream – NO snow) and more plants beginning to grow.

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