My Garden This Weekend – 12th May 2013

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I think this weekend’s gardening can be described as wet, windy, muddy with brief intervals in the greenhouse.

The big project has powered forward with the last of the turf being lifted.  This last bit was used to square off the front garden lawn and also to replace a large bare path on the grass path.  Whilst my son was turf lifting I had the job of rescuing and replanting the plants I wanted to keep from the left hand side of the slope.   This was quite tricky as the plants on the slope are all late summer perennials and so identifying which was which aster or helianthus was a challenge.  I did know that I wanted to get rid of the Helianthus Lemon Queen which dominated the slope last year, as well as a day lily which only looked good when the foliage appeared in spring, some Luzula nivea which only the cat likes and a large Achillea grandiflora which was threatening to take over.  Once these were removed it was a case of working across the slope that is going and transplanting the plants I wanted into the gaps the other plants had made.  The bulb leafs were just as challenging to identify with no flowers – at one point I thought I was digging up some blind daffodils only to discover that it was in fact an eremurus.  I tried them on the slope two years ago and they never flowered so they are getting a second chance in the new border.

The blossom on the step-over apples is about to open

The blossom on the step-over apples is about to open

My son’s next step was to remove the dry stone wall my Dad had built some years ago to hold up the slope.  We were impressed at what a good job he had done and how big the Malvern stone was once we had dragged it out from under the earth.  There is now a large pile of stone which we will use to landscape around the workshop and to do a better job of edging the new steps.  A substantial amount of top soil was removed and put onto the new border which after some racking and leveling will be ready for planting up next weekend.  There is still lots of soil and even more clay to be removed but that is now a job for bank holiday weekend.

Molopospermum peloponnesiacum

Molopospermum peloponnesiacum

Our  efforts were frequently interrupted by the rain so I used this time as an opportunity to dive into the greenhouse and catch up with pricking out seedlings and sowing yet more seeds.  Several packets of various primulas have been sown, probably a little late, but they are in the cool greenhouse so hopefully they will get a chance to germinate before the temperatures  go up.  I pricked out violas, nicotiana, geraniums and Centaurea ‘Aloha Blanca’.  The Dahlia tubers are sprouting well with one batch far ahead of the others.  I think this is because they benefitted from some direct sunshine in the top of the coldframe whilst the others were under the greenhouse benches.


With another quick visit to the Malvern Spring show to collect plants I am feeling a little gardened out.

15 Comments on “My Garden This Weekend – 12th May 2013

  1. Helen – when do you find time to sleep? Your tulips are just gorgeous and I’m exhausted just reading what you’ve been up to. I’ve never heard of Melopospermum – the foliage is rather nice. I’m off to look that up now!

    • Hi Angie
      Oh I have lots of time to sleep I’m just a fast worker. I only spent about 6 or 7 hours in the garden this weekend.

  2. Even though I am enjoying our break in Orkney your weekend activity had me wanting to get active in my own garden! You and Son have made great inroads and from how you have written about it it is clear that you are now confident in what you are hoping to achieve and can look forward to the completion – giving plants the boot can be difficult, but sometimes you just know it’s the right thing. You must be looking forward to the next Bank Hol to get it finished!

    • Hi Cathy
      I am quite harden to give plants the boot unless they have a sentitmental connection which only a few do. Next weekend I am home alone so I get to do normal gardening before the last push bank holiday weekend

  3. You have a good son, helping you with a very strenuous job. You make me think of the Daniel Burnham quotation: Make no small plans, they have no magic to stir men’s souls. Or something like that. Love your collection of tulips, especially that soft apricot color.

    • Hi Jason
      My son is good but particularly motivated as the site is being cleared for his workshop which he is keen to get. The tulips are a bargain bucket mix so I couldnt tell you what the soft apricot one is.

  4. What a satisfying weekend’s work, despite the inclement weather. Your new border will be full again before you know it! I love the foliage of your Molopospermum.

    • Hi Sara
      You are so right about the border being full – you should see my patio and all the plants waiting to go out!!!

  5. Love the colours of your tulips, sunset colours! You have been working hard again, what a good son you have to help you with your project, you will have it done in no time!

  6. Note to self! More tulips next year! Look good in your garden I have to say. I was fighting the same bloody weather in Nottinghamshire, I did quite abit this morning tho. Its hard to be motivated when the wind is blowing and the rain is flowing!

  7. That kind of progress has to feel good. It will amazing when all of this change settles and you can see the result of what you have done over the next year or so.

  8. Whew!!! I am doing my 5 hours a week in my new apartment – tho last week in the rain we peeled and cooked apples harvested from the orchard. Two of my daughters and their kids came for ‘Mothers Day’ lunch yesterday and were very impressed with ‘Grans Resort’. three of the younger ones had a swim in the pool – even tho’ the solar heating on cool nights and very cold!

  9. It is all looking amazing especially the Tulips and that lovely foliage plant I can’t remember the name of.

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