Just to prove that my first Creative Thursday post wasn’t a one hit wonder here is another project finished.  This is the first thing I have crocheted that isn’t a granny square or a scarf.  Admittedly it is made up of rectangles so there is no shaping required – something I am yet to try.  The strap was entertaining as you crochet a tube going round and round and round, it grew rapidly like a mad snake and entertained the cat immensely.  I am also rather proud of the little flower on the front which I thought was going to be very hard but turned out to be simple.

The biggest dilemma I had was whether the felt the bag.  I had originally been enticed by the pattern in the Art of Crochet because of the prospect of having a go at felting but the wool, Twilleys Freedom, was so pretty and created a wonderful texture that to felt it seemed a pity.  Having recently discovered Ravelry I put my toe in the water and asked for advice.  I was promptly advised that felting would make it stronger and less like to tear so in for a penny in for a pound.  The felting was simple you just pop it on a hot wash with detergent, no conditioner, and include some old rough towels (or someone advised trainers).  I washed the tension square first to see what the effect would be.  It turned out OK so I threw caution to the wind and went for it.


I have to say that I think the result is great.  The fabric is definitely more solid and you feel it is unlikely to tear.  Sewing it up was simple although it took a few practices before I remembered how to do blanket stitch and I have to say I don’t think my finishing off inside the bag is as good as I would have liked but we live and learn.

Next up is a knitted short-sleeved summer cardigan.  I have my doubts since I haven’t knitted for a year and the last thing I knitted went horribly wrong a lot so I gave up.  Having a pile of wool sitting left over from this project and after yet more advice on Ravelry I found a pattern which looks straightforward and should work for the yarn I have.  My only slight anxiety is that I am used to knitting patterns designed for the wool I am using.  I am assured that I just need to do  tension square and adjust needle sizes and all will be well.  We shall see.  I also suspect that I will decide that I prefer crocheting to knitting.  It is so much easier especially when it goes wrong, no dropped stitches.

I will let you know how the cardigan goes – oh and that yarn is red too.  There seems to be a bit of a theme developing.

Note: Creative Thursday isn’t a meme, it’s just the heading I am using for various non-gardening projects I am doing and posting about – on a Thursday!