My garden this weekend – 26th May 2013

Deutzia - unknown variety

Deutzia – unknown variety

Well I can’t complain about the weather this bank holiday weekend which makes a change.  Temperatures on the patio got up to 26C at one point yesterday which was a little too warm for pricking out but overall I am thrilled with how much I have achieved.

The main task has been potting up the hanging baskets and pots with  review plants from Plant Me Now but I will post more fully on those later in the week.  It  does seem strange to be planting hanging baskets when there are still daffodils in flower.


I have also planted out my chrysanthemums in the new Big Border and a few more unnamed dahlias from last year.  I haven’t grown chrysanthemums before so this will be an interesting experiment.  I have pinched out their tops and we will wait and see what happens.  Also in the Big Border are some Castor Oil plants.  I have to say I am a little disappointed with their growth but I am assuming this is due to low temperature and light levels.  Anyway they are out now and we will see how they get on.  The idea is that they will provide a backdrop for the dahlias and chrysanthemums – all very late summer colour.  Cosmos has also been planted out, this is a white variety and was sown before the Big Border really came into being and predate my plans so I have struggled to work them into the scheme but I am hoping the white will act as a nice counterbalance to the deep rich colours of the dahlias.

Dahlias etc in Big Border

Dahlias etc in Big Border

I have spent the rest of my time pricking out and potting up, oh and sowing more seeds!!  I had good germination on Delphinium requienii which I have discovered is a biennial so hopefully they will look wonderful next year.  I have also learnt that I should have pricked out my meconopsis seedlings as soon as the leaves appeared.  Now I would normally have done this but I have got very confused with alpine seedlings and how to treat them.  The advice, particularly in relation to monocot plants such as alliums, crocus is that you leave them be for a year or so but this also applies to the tiny seedlings.  Of course whilst meconopsis poppies are alpines they are tiny.  That is today’s task as well as tackling some of the other seedlings.

Bog garden looking rather good

Bog garden looking rather good

Saying all that I am pleased with how I have kept on top of things so far this year despite the weather.  Everything that is ready to be planted out is planted and there are only a few purchases left on the patio which are waiting for me to sort the woodland border out.  My biggest headache are my snowdrops.  I need to stop dithering and make a decision of where they are being planted and do it.


We are on holiday next week so I am keen to get everything moved on so my Mum has an easy job of watering and I don’t have to leave her too many instructions.  She is one for watering so I need to make sure that she doesn’t over water things like my alpines – I can see there will have to be some no go areas.

9 Comments on “My garden this weekend – 26th May 2013

  1. Looking great! Such a lot of work. I can’t grow mechonopsis (oops spelling) but love the photos of them!!! I find with poppies that they don’t like transplanting – opium etc. I just scattered the seeds and just let them grow where they wanted – eg path. the olive oil plant is a weed here! I am enjoying my tropical garden in my new home in the B&B – Cherry is a delight as a land lady and we speak the ‘same language’ re gardening etc. I have moved about a hundred of my pots from sandi’s!, but ones that blend in with the tropical palms, cycads etc! Winter has struck the south Island – snow on the mountains and some lower – temperatures under 10degrees down south. Oh well we did have a very long hot summer – that’s weather for you!

  2. Your bog garden is looking beautiful, mine is still a bit bare, waiting for all my candelabra primulas to get flowering. You mention that you think your meconopsis poppies should be pricked out as soon as the leaves appear, I always wait until they have their 2nd proper leaves, mine are almost ready to transfer them into their nursery bed, they are growing so well, I assume that you are referring to the blue Himalayan poppy!

  3. The Deutzia looks magnificent. I sowed some delphiniums last year but then left them in the pots to over winter, during the spring clean I forgot that they’d died back completely and threw half of them out by accident. I was so cross with myself!

  4. I’m eager to see how your big border turns out. I love white cosmos, hard to go wrong with those. I have always heard that meconopsis was a very fussy plant to grow, is this you first time growing from seed? All in all, the garden is looking good!

  5. Wasn’t it a lovely weekend for gardening, very lucky given the rain that is now thrumming down ceaselessly? We managed to get a lot of work done, many waiting pots finally planted out (and I even shifted a few things, rather late but given the year so far, hopefully not too late!).
    The delphinium requienii have lovely shiny, though small, leaves so far. I hadn’t realised it was a biennial, but now I shan’t panic over them not flowering until next year!

  6. Your garden is filling out nicely – you won’t recognise it when you come back from holiday if the rain continues! The bog garden looks great.

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