Plant Me Now Review: Summer Bedding


I was thrilled to discover 3 boxes of summer bedding from Plant Me Now to review when I got back from Plymouth this weekend.  They contained a selection of summer bedding plants from their Premium and Must Have plant ranges, as well as 2 trays of trailing mixed Lobelia from the Ready to Plant range which you can see in the box above.  You can see how lush the growth is.


I had ordered Cineraria Silver Dust, Gazania Tiger Mixed and Begonia Semperflorens from the Must Have range and these arrived bare rooted in plastic cell boxes.  As you can see they all had very good root systems and weren’t too dry despite being in the garage for 24 hours awaiting my return.


I had ordered Calibrachoa Can Can Terracotta, Coleus Henna and Nemesia Berries and Cream from the Premium Plant range and again these were in plastic cell packs but because they are a little more expensive they are slightly bigger and come in pots.

My big dilemma was to remember what my  plans for the plants were when I had made my selection.  I was presented with a long list from which to choose my review plants and I know there was a plan but I can’t find the list or my notes so it was back to the drawing board and more head scratching.2013_05270008

The Coleus have gone into a large terracotta pot by themselves.  I saw something similar somewhere last summer and I thought they looked rather good. As you can see they are good-sized plants so five in this pot might be too much.  If it starts to prove to be the case I will edit them down to three.  I have also planted the Gazania in a large pot together.  It’s a blue enamel pot which I thought might compliment the colours.


I did remember that I intended to use the Bergonia as underplanting for a jasmine which I have just planted out in a new metal planter.  I think it looks rather classy.


The Lobelia and Calibrochoa have joined the Pelargoniums and Diascias from an earlier batch in the hanging baskets.  You can see how much growth the plants have put on since March.  I have had to pinch out the shoots of the Diascias and Lobelia to stop them getting too leggy before planting out.  They had very good root system and were certainly ready to go in the hanging baskets.  I can see that this photo shows how rubbish my pinching back was but I have remedied this now.

The Nemesia, Cineraria and more Lobelia have gone into the window box and look rather classy but you will have to take my word for that for the time being.

I have to say that I really cannot find fault with the quality of the plants.  I  know if I was reading this the cynic in me would say “well you are going to say nice things as you are being paid” but they really are good quality plants and well packaged so no damage.  The foxgloves, hostas and monardas I received earlier in the year are also doing well and I will show you those in a couple of months along with the pots and baskets in full summer.

Disclaimer: I am paid by Plant Me Now to review their products

9 Comments on “Plant Me Now Review: Summer Bedding

  1. It’s going to look very colourful! Woke up to clear blue sky with sun pouring in after big storms, hail, gales, snow to low levels in the South Island and in the middle of the North. Skiers are clapping their hands. Here in Auckland cold sw and I had just fed my daughters chooks when thunder, hail, heavy rain and a gale struck. Heating on flat out rest of day and night – then this morning so lovely – that’s weather for you!!

  2. Love the Coleus. They used to be very popular about 10 years ago but one hardly ever sees them now. Bring back Coleus I say…

  3. I once did a ‘plant up a summer container’ demo and race put on by our local garden centre at a festival held in town a few years back and learnt there you should cram lots of plants into a container to get that really lush look. Having won my crammed pot to take home, it did so much better than the containers I’d planted up in previous years, so I reckon your coleus will be fine.

  4. I always have mixed feelings when I get a delivery of plants – great to have them but I also then have to DO something with them! You, though, had a large quantity to deal with and also the dilemma of going away, so it looks like you did a grand job! They certainly do look like good quality.- when I had a look at their website a few weeks ago a lot had sold out, but I like the idea of the plug perennials so must remember to look earlier next year

  5. what splendid healthy looking plugs. I will have to take a look at the website although I am running out of space in my flowerbeds. However, there is always some more lawn that can be dug up!!

  6. I’m not normally a fan of begonias but I like how you have them in that splendid new container. Lovely to be able to say good things about your review plants, and to have the rest of the summer to enjoy them too!

  7. Do you feel you are biased in any way because, like you said, you are paid to review this service?

    • Hi Dave

      No, I make it very clear before I agree to do the review that my views will be unbias. There have been times in the past with a different company when I did not feel I could say anything positive and therefore I didnt post a review at all.

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