I wanted to join in with Michelle’s Bloggers Cut over at her blog Veg Plotting but we are away on holiday.  The idea is for garden bloggers to post on the 2nd June with cake and garden to support the Chelsea Fringe.

I thought it was a great idea.  It’s always nice when garden blogger, or any bloggers for that matter, come together for an ‘event’.  I was full of good intentions.  I knew we would be eating cake this week and I decided that I would get ahead of the game a take a photo of cake at RHS Rosemoor on our journey down ready to post on the 2nd.  There was only one problem I was having such a nice time that I completely forgot and you will have to take my word about  how lovely the cream tea was we had in the Wisteria Cafe with lovely Cornish Clotted Cream and tea grown in the UK.  Honestly it was to die for.

So instead here is another cream tea partaken of on the 2nd June taken on the patio of the holiday cottage.  It was waiting our arrival along with the ingredients for a cooked breakfast, how fab was that.  But we were rather cream tea’d out so we had it the next day looking out across the lawn to the newly planted field of trees beyond.

If you pop over to Veg Plotting you can find lots of other cake related posts.