Postcard from Cornwall 4/The Bloggers Cut


I wanted to join in with Michelle’s Bloggers Cut over at her blog Veg Plotting but we are away on holiday.  The idea is for garden bloggers to post on the 2nd June with cake and garden to support the Chelsea Fringe.

I thought it was a great idea.  It’s always nice when garden blogger, or any bloggers for that matter, come together for an ‘event’.  I was full of good intentions.  I knew we would be eating cake this week and I decided that I would get ahead of the game a take a photo of cake at RHS Rosemoor on our journey down ready to post on the 2nd.  There was only one problem I was having such a nice time that I completely forgot and you will have to take my word about  how lovely the cream tea was we had in the Wisteria Cafe with lovely Cornish Clotted Cream and tea grown in the UK.  Honestly it was to die for.

So instead here is another cream tea partaken of on the 2nd June taken on the patio of the holiday cottage.  It was waiting our arrival along with the ingredients for a cooked breakfast, how fab was that.  But we were rather cream tea’d out so we had it the next day looking out across the lawn to the newly planted field of trees beyond.

If you pop over to Veg Plotting you can find lots of other cake related posts.

8 Comments on “Postcard from Cornwall 4/The Bloggers Cut

  1. My father-in-law was from Devon and Nana always made him clotted cream. One of my grand sons is called Deven! Blimmin cold here – oh well I suppose it is winter! lots o people have booked to go to the Pacific Islands or Queensland – Aussie, for a winter break.

  2. You seem to have been so lucky with both the weather and your cottage this week, Helen, as well as having two adult children who are happy to go on holiday with you (although that could be a mixed blessing, of course). I didn’t hear about the Bloggers Cut till after the event and I was ‘between cake’ at home too, partly because our chickens have been a bit lazy and I have had to BUY eggs today (shock horror!) to make a cake for visitors this afternoon.

  3. Cream teas in Cornwall are compulsory 🙂

    Boy, did you pick a good week to be on holiday in the UK! Perfect timing 🙂

    Thanks for finding time to join in whilst you’re away. I’m enjoying the rest of your holiday posts too – St Michael’s Mount is well worth the trip isn’t it? Was your boat trip on the jolly boat cum car? I’m sure a member of the St Aubyn family was with us on it when we went back to the mainland – just popping to the shops.

    • Hi VP
      We went on a proper 10 seater boat to St Michaels Mount – saw the boat cum car but it was little boats being run the day we were there

    • Hi Jason
      Cornish cream tea = scones, jam and clotted cream

  4. Oh quite the ultimate in cakey goodness Helen 🙂 Intrigued by the home grown tea.

    • Hi Anna
      They are growing tea in Cornwall now – check this out
      We have had this tea in a number of places this week and it is rather nice

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