How can you not be tempted by a plant with a name like Molopospermum peloponnesiacum?  I am becoming increasingly fond of this plant.  It was bought in May 2012 from Crug Plants and so right from the start it has fond memories associated with it of time spent with gardening friends.  I feel for the ferny foliage and although it was a little pricey for my budget I succumbed.


The plant is part of the Apiaceae family, comes from central Europe and likes part shade.  I decided it would be perfect for the edge of the woodland border and it was planted with care.  Then before last summer was out the fronds all withered and there was a small wispy sad brownish shoot in their place.  This did not bode well.  I went for the ignore it and it will be fine approach, which is my general approach to gardening.

I was thrilled to spot new leaves this spring which have grown quickly into a substantial plant and are, as I hoped, providing  a wonderful contrast to the other woodland plants in this area.


I knew from reading the Crug web-site that there should be flowers “large compound umbels of yellow green flowers”.  In my head this equated to yellowish cow parsley but as you can see the flowers, although made up of lots of tiny florets are quite different to cow parsley although the flower head has only just appeared so maybe it needs more time to develop.  I am also surprised at how pink the flower is when the description and other photographs I have found on the web are quite yellow in appearance.  I think it is gorgeous and I am thrilled with it.

I might keep an eye on it and try to harvest some seed to future propagation.