2013_06230024My garden this weekend has been wet, windy, grey with a scattering of sunshine.  It has been cool and not at all conducive or encouraging to gardening.  Added to this my head is all over the place as I am jetting off on Tuesday morning to San Francisco to  join in with the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling.  Everything is organised: the case almost packed but already full, dollars acquired, ESTA/visa sorted, ticket and passport ready.  The cupboards are full so my sons won’t go hungry and they have had watering instructions which they may or may not remember but it doesn’t really matter.  I have a ridiculously short connection at Newark airport which is causing me anxiety but United Airlines have told me its doable but that there are lots of flights to San Francisco after the one I’m due on so they can put me on the next one if I miss mine!


I intended to get so much done in the garden before I leave but when it came to it my head wasn’t in the right place.  A few things have been planted out and pricked out but I have really lost my gardening mojo this last week and can’t find it anywhere.  I am hoping that when I get back from San Francisco and have no plans until the end of August that I will feel more relaxed and can re-engage with the  garden.    I have though done some rearranging in the greenhouse to make the water easier for my sons and have potted up the cucumbers and put them in their final growing position.  In front of them are some Hymenocallis which aren’t far from flowering and I am hoping they will wait until I get back.


The succulent collection has grown and there are quite  a few that are in need of potting up and a whole host of other plants to sort out but strangely I am already looking through having a clear head both work and home wise on my return and working slowly through everything in the garden.  Plus the shed/workshop should be in situ by the time I get back and that will help as it has been rather chaotic recently which I suppose has stopped the garden feel like the refugee it usually  is.

I was surprised to spot the iris below as I didn’t realise I had such a plant in the garden.  I got some iris  bulbs from a bulb supplier last autumn and I had assumed they were iris reticulata, they didn’t flower back in January/February and I think this was what they actually were.  Any ideas on what type of iris they are?