Creative Thursday – Tea Party Cardi Finished


I am thrilled to say that just before I jetted off to San Francisco I finished my tea party cardi.  I had intended to take it with me but the skirt I was going to wear it with didn’t in the end get packed.

Anyway, it’s not my ideal cardi as it’s quite short, a little longer than a bolero and I should have gone for the  next size up as it’s a little tight across the chest.  However,  it has achieved its objective in giving me my confidence in knitting back and using up the cotton that was sitting around after I gave up on the overall cardigan where I am sure the pattern was very wrong – interestingly I haven’t seen any completed projects of the original pattern on Ravelry.
The whole thing last year really dented my confidence in knitting and its been a year since I last picked up the needle.  Exploring Ravelry due to the crocheting I have been doing made me realise that I could locate an alternative pattern for the wool.  I chose the tea cardi as it was a simple pattern and lots of people had completed one.   It has indeed knitted very easily and I would knit another one but a larger size.


I decided that as it wasn’t a posh cardi but had a real handcrafted feel I would go for some natural looking buttons.  I am really pleased with the coconut ones I got from Totally Buttons.

I haven’t decided on the next knitting/crocheting project but I think it will be crochet as I find it so much more satisfying at the moment.  In the meantime, when I get home I have some PJ bottoms to sew.

5 Comments on “Creative Thursday – Tea Party Cardi Finished

  1. I love the cardigan, the colour is gorgeous and the handcrafted buttons are too. It’s seeing hand knits like this, and hearing them described as “simple” that gets me all enthusiastic about knitting again. Must try to keep reminding myself that my knitting skills really are very shoddy (it’s such a lovely, relaxing thing to do though and there’s such a lot of tempting wool to lure me!) and stick to even simpler projects.
    How exciting going to San Francisco, hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. That’s awesome. I’m still struggling to knit a baby’s blanket! The buttons are a really nice touch. Congratulations on conquering the craft!

  3. Pretty colour! My projects over that last few weeks was to knit up some mohair my daughter bought at an op shop- lovely teal colour. A beanie for that daughter a landscape gardner, one for me and one for my daughter who has schleroderma. Also I made arm warmers for her, just a hole for thumb and then a long hand part but no fingers as hers are so bad and she can’t get gloves on. I think that she will probably sleep in them. Colour suits all of us. Fluff all over the place! Very chilly here so need them!

  4. Lovely colour and lovely buttons and lovely that you have completed it and got your confidence back! I wonder if you have taken any knitting or crotcheting with you for those long flights….

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