Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – August 2013


It is definitely high, or some might say late, summer as the Ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford’ has started to flower.  I have to say I am surprised as it has been so dry this year and I thought the Ligularia would struggle.  Admittedly the display isn’t has stunning as other years but it is still good.


The Japanese Anemones have started to flower, again another late summer flower.  I love this plant especially at dusk when the flowers shine out from the shade.


The Dahlias are all flowering – having shown a few previously I thought I would include  this one as it is a rather nice colour.  This is a Bishop’s Children seedling grown last year and I think it is a keeper.

2013_08140028logo 2013_08140030logo

I am particularly pleased with these Zinnias.  I have tried to grow them in previous years but either they haven’t germinated well or the plants haven’t been happy wherever I have planted them.  This year I was late sowing them and they are in a fairly shady location which I think helped them when it was so hot a month ago.  Zinnias may just creep on to the list for next year although I was adamant that I wasn’t growing annuals next year.


I love this Thalictrum, I think it is Thalictrum album and it flowers several weeks later than the other Thalictrums I have.  It is also a lot shorter which I like.


One of my new Echinacea which the bees have been loving.  I think I have decided where to plant them so they might be lucky and get their feet in the ground this weekend.


One of my very favourite flowers at this time of year, Lobelia tupa.  I know I have shown it before but I just can’t help myself.


Flowers have started to appear on the slope which is a real result considering the poor things were unceremoniously moved earlier in the year.  Amazingly, considering I wasn’t sure what plant was what so early in the year the slope isn’t looking too bad.  The Liatris spicata above is a real star and the spike of flowers makes a nice contrast to all the daisy style flowers.


The new Monardas are beginning to look good and attracting bees which is good as the Digitalis ferruginea next to it is just going over.

2013_08140021logo 2013_08140020logo

Finally, a couple of Pelargonium flowers.  Surprisingly, these flowers are on the same plant.  Not two plants in the same pot but the same plant which has two strong stems one with pale pink flowers and one with the brighter  pink flower – very strange indeed.

These are the floral  highlights in the garden today.  There are also more Dahlias, Rudbeckia, Cosmos, Phlox flowering their socks off.

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12 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – August 2013

  1. What a lovely selection of flowers, love the whiteThalictrum, I only have the lilac coloured one. Your japanese anamone is flowering a lot earlier than mine, hope mine won’t be too long behind.

  2. That thalictrum is definitely going onto my wish list – as is (are?) Bishop’s Children too! Well done for your zinnias – I had ONE out of 4 different packets, although it was a very nice green one. And well done for your monardas too – no sign of mine! Thanks for sharing, Helen

  3. I particularly like the white Japanese Anemone but need to take care where you plant as very invasive here! Strong Easterley, blustery wet and yuk! But we have had a very sunny winter and dry – needed to water! Pretty bad in other parts of NZ tho’. Changed my mind about early warm spring although lots of gorgeous blossoms, tulips, daffs magnolias out. Went Eden Gardens yesterday with friend whose 16year old grand-daughter is in Starship Hospital with bad bone cancer, chemo etc – so horrible when young ones get cancer!! Grrr. The tuis were in full song and

    Pat loved it. Another earthquake just south of Wellington just happened! Hope no one hurt.

  4. Beautiful flowers!
    Love all the pink/red blooms.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s menagerie

  5. I would guess that the pink is the Pelargonium reverting to the wild rootstock, and the palest pink is the plant you chose.

  6. Beautiful flowers, I also have Zinnias in my garden and they have been blooming for the last two weeks.

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