I have to admit to being a compulsive reader and the pile of books, magazines etc is always at a precarious point of tipping over.  I have a tendency when I am interested in something to read a lot about it, acquiring books from here and there.

This is my current reading.  For fiction I have just finished reading John Le Carre’s Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy.  I originally bought this for my trip to San Francisco back in June but was so busy I didn’t get a chance to read it.  I remember watching the television adaption many years ago and being somewhat confused, I also know that I have read this book before but again was confused.  Anyway, I have this morning finished it and this time there was no confusion.  Maybe I am older, wiser and more educated reader, maybe I took more time, who knows.  A very good read and a reminder of a previous fascination I had with the cold war and spies.

For non-fiction reading I am pouring over bulb and roses catalogues.  I love Peter Nyssen bulbs.  They present a wide selection at fantastic prices especially if you are buying in bulk and the quality has been great in previous years. I have a list compiled now and honed down but the total price is somewhat scary so I am dithering.  I also like Avon Bulbs although I find them a little pricey for the everyday bulb.  However, they do have a great selection of the more unusual and again there is a list I am pondering.  Can you have too many bulbs that is the question.  I already have an order on with Minature Bulbs and I plan to go to the Whichford Pottery bulb sale in a couple of weeks so the Avon Bulbs order might go by the wayside although they do have some gorgeous irises!!

Then there are the rose catalogues.  I decided last weekend that I need more roses in the garden.  I love roses and I don’t grow anywhere near enough.  I have identified a few locations for them and the potential for an arch.  I was doing really well with the Peter Beale catalogue having made a small considered selection then the David Austin one arrived and I have no idea now which ones to go for!

My other distraction at the moment is Pinterest which I have rediscovered this week and now understand how to use it properly.  Its wonderful but I am finding so many inspiring images that my head is buzzing even more than usual with ideas – phew