Deschampsia in front garden
Deschampsia in front garden

Oops I’m a bit late with my own meme – sorry lost a day somewhere.

Anyway here we are at the end of August and it has been so dry.  Everyone keeps saying its been a good gardening summer but I’m not so sure.  My garden has struggled with the lack of rain and some of my established shrubs are showing signs of distress.  I think  we might not see the results of the lack of moisture until next year, I know this makes me sound a little pessimistic but generally most of our gardens aren’t designed to have so little rain.

2013_08310004The front ‘lawn’ is looking nice and green but that is because it is mainly clover and not grass!!  I am not at all convinced by the line of Deschampsia at the end of the lawn.  As I think I said last month in my mind they would be much shorter.  I am sure they came from the same batch of seedlings as some I have in the woodland border which are indeed much shorter and I wonder if the tall growth is due to the brighter conditions.  I think the line is too much like a screen or even a long full stop.  I am more or less convinced that I should redistribute the plants in this area but in more of a drift around the shrubs and then extend the edging of Alchemilla mollis that runs along the sides of the lawn across the bottom.

2013_08310006I have tidied and cut back along the right hand side of the lawn in front of the beech hedge and I have decided to let the Alchemilla mollis spread and fill this border as the acid yellow flowers look great with the young beech leaves.  I am going to try some Fritillaria meleagris here too since someone I knows says they do well for her in a similar location and there seems to be general dissension as to whether they need a lot of moisture or not so we shall see.  It does get very damp here in the  spring so they have a chance.


The driveway border isn’t at its best.  It looked great earlier in the year with the Echium but now it’s looking a little patchy and to be frank dull.  I have some gaps to fill and I need to relocate some bearded iris elsewhere in the garden so these will go  in here as the other iris already in the border is thriving.  I was then thinking of adding some perennial wallflowers, Erysimum, since the foliage colour will work with the iris and they flower for ages.  I don’t think  I will be bothering with the annual Rudbeckia here next year.

So that’s the front garden at the end of August.  I can’t say that I enjoy being in the front garden any more than I used to; I did hope that doing a monthly meme on it would encourage me but it hasn’t.  I am coming to the conclusion that this is a space I will never really want to spend time in so it has to be able to look after its self a lot of the time and look fab.  So if that is the case I think I need to be considering foliage more than flowers.

Anyone is welcome to join in this monthly meme.  You can use it however you want – focus on one area, go for a tour, whatever works for you.  Personally, I find the discipline of considering a specific part of the garden on a monthly basis for a year makes me look at it more analytically and this has helped me improve other areas of the garden.  If you do  decide to join in please leave a link to your post in the comment box before so we can come and have a nose at your garden.