Granny Squares 35, 36 and 37 – 83 to go



The last three granny squares have been quite interesting. First up is a traditional granny square crocheted in half treble stitches. This is the best one I have done of these as I seem to be getting the tension right now.



This was followed by a chequer board pattern square which was also incredibly easy. It’s simply a mix of treble blocks and chain spaces. I think I am beginning to understand the instructions more now and feel more confident. I can see when I have gone wrong and most of the time spot what I have done wrong.



However the third square showed me that I am still struggling with the very basic such as joining in a new colour using a slip stitch. I ended up going back to the book and looking this up. I suspect there is part of me that thinks this is so basic I should know how to do it, or I know how to do it so I don’t need to check and really this isn’t the case as once I had worked out how to do this properly there was a distinct improvement in the finished appearance. I suppose it just shows that often we focus so much on the detail of the complicated things that we overlook the basics and in fact they are just as important to the overall effect.

Lesson learnt and on to square 38 – an old favourite the two-tone square.

I should say the third square, my favourite to date, is done with treble stitches and 4 chains at the corner.


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  1. alison says:

    I am incredibly impressed; they are all beautiful! Makes me think I should really start learning something new.

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Alison – you are the first to comments on my new blog, I was very excited to get your comment. Yes learn something new its satisfying

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