The First Throw – Quarter Way


I have reached a point of demotivation with the Throw.  I think I really need to do some small projects to give myself a break but while I ponder on what these might be I decided to use my evening yesterday to darn in all those ends of threads.  It has taken me hours and that was only for 44 squares.  I must try to remember to do them as I go.


Yes that’s right 44 squares out of 120 so still a long way to.

I am following instructions in Art of Crochet and I have now decided to cancel my subscription as I have subsequently found lots of inspiration on Pinterest, Facebook and a number of magazines.  The projects in Art of Crochet are getting very repetitive.  It seems that all a beginner can hope to crochet is a scarf and I have already done two of those or a simple bag – again done.  I don’t feel confident enough to do shaping so have been avoiding jumpers etc but wandering around Pinterest has made me very interested in crochet flowers and I think I could have a go at those.  I also really like the Afghan rugs and also the rugs made up of granny squares with the raised flowers in the middle but I need to finish the first Throw before I start another one.

Having darned all the ends in, the next stage with these squares is to block them and the internet advice implies that I need to do this with steam on the ironing board, leaving them to ‘set’ overnight.  In the meantime, I am feeling a little more motivated and as the instructions for the throw sets out a clear pattern for sowing the squares together I have decided to start in the middle and work my way out so if I run out of wool (provided with the magazine) I won’t have a misshapen rung, just a small one.


The thing that I am pondering at the moment is though – is there anything I could do useful with all those ends of thread I have cut off?  It seems such a waste when you see them all piled up together.


2 Comments on “The First Throw – Quarter Way

  1. It is going to look so beautiful when it’s finished! 🙂 I hope I will be able to see the finished product. And I know what you can do with the yarn scraps, too – keep them in a bag or whatever until spring, and then buy a bird suet cage (the green wire cages usually kept in the gardening center of different stores, and possibly with pet food, too) and fill the cage with yarn and thread scraps. Birds will use them to help make their nests 😀 I found the idea in a gardening/birding magazine. Good luck with your throw! xx

    • Hi Maggie
      Thank you for your comment. I like you idea of using the scraps, could make for some interesting nests around the garden!

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