I am bereft….

Kirengeshoma palmata taken with son's point and click - not bad
Kirengeshoma palmata taken with son’s point and click – not bad

..after 5 years of service I have rewarded my beloved camera by dropping on the hard kitchen floor and breaking it!  What an idiot!  I am so cross with myself and more upset than I thought possible.

I have had the camera for five years so almost the life of this blog.  It has been everywhere with me, always in my handbag.  We have travelled to many gardens, the Olympics, Spain, Italy, the US.  It has recorded many happy family memories and recorded my sons’ creative achievements.  I know I still have the photographs but it like losing an old friend.

All of this is rather silly since if I am honest I had been considering getting myself a new camera this year anyway.  I had been toying with a DSLR but when I tried some the other day I found them very unwieldy and I am rather intimidated by all the controls.  I don’t want to spend all that money and then leave it on Auto – whats the point in that.  I told myself I would go on a course but that is so not going to happen as I have an almost allergic  reaction to such things at the moment.

My current camera is a Fuji Finepix and was sold as a bridge camera so a little bit more sophisticated than the point and click digital camera.  I play with the settings etc and it has done me well.  It also is slim and neat and fits in my bag or pocket easily.  Now the bridge cameras seem to have evolved into weirdly shaped things that would never fit in my handbag let alone a pocket so if I want another bridge camera I need to think about whether I want to have it slung around my neck or over my shoulder.  On the plus side I do rather like the idea of the screens that tilt so you can see into awkward angles which I think would be very good when taking photos of flowers.

The alternative is that I go for a top of the range point and click which will pop in my bag and be easy to transport but will it give me the quality of close up photographs I am looking for and that was making me consider a DSLR in the first place?

I need to go and look at some and try them but whenever I start researching cameras I become inordinately grumpy about the whole subject!  In the meantime I am borrowing one of my son’s cameras but that is also making me grumpy.  It is newer than my camera and supposedly better but I am struggling to get a grip of the controls and I suppose there is an element of sulking about having the change forced on me.  However, having been outside this evening taking photographs with it I think I am getting the hang of things and the results arent that bad (see top photograph).  Interestingly his is a top of the range point and click so maybe that is the route I should go.


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  1. Cathy says:

    Oh Helen, I have every sympathy with your dilemma after recently purchasing yet another camera, which will be the 4th I have used for my very much more recent blogging. My original and its replacement both suffered with the motorised lens sticking either open or shut, then my stepson lent me his. I now have a Canon Ixus, recommended by Which? as the best of the compacts, but I am only using it in a very limited way and feel quite ignorant on how to make the most of it. I don’t want to go on a course but may look out for a book which particularly focuses on plant/garden photography – I’ll let you know if I find a decent one.

  2. I can understand you being upset. Like you my little Fuji Finepix sits in my bag and goes everywhere with me, the DSLR is heavy and bulky so often left at home these days. Fortunately I was bought my Nikon as a present so didn’t get embroiled in the decision making. Maybe you can drop some big hints for Christmas!

  3. Hi Helen. Have a look at the Olympus OM-D. It is a smaller, lighter DSLR with all the features you would expect. I agree that a full-blown DSLR is too big, too heavy and not always the best for close-ups without a special macro lens. I have that problem with my Nikon and am thinking of changing it for something smaller, particularly for holidays.

  4. Helen–I am one of the silly folks that has a low-end DSLR that pretty much stays on Auto. It is unweildy and cumbersome; a pain to both pack and carry. They say photos are now “made” (w/ photoshop) rather than “taken,” but I’ve never been able to find a point and shoot that began to compare, and I’ve tried.

  5. Sorry about your camera 😦
    Go for a good point and click. I have a DSLR camera, and I love it, but more and more I find I am using my iphone as I cannot be bothered to lug my camera around!
    Lovely picture of the kirengeshoma (In fact just take your sons camera off him for a bit and play with it 😉 )

  6. Dee says:

    You know I own a dslr, and I broke my lens. I also have a great point and shoot, but I love my Nikon D90. I don’t worry over the controls as much as I thought I would. I rarely ever shoot in auto. Just some things to consider.

    I’m so sorry about your camera. It’s a dad day when you drop them.~~Dee

  7. Anna says:

    Aaaaaaaaaw Helen what rotten luck ((())) I can imagine how you feel. I occasionally use a Fujifilm Finepix F50 so know what a great little camera they are and how easy to carry around. I wondered about a DSLR when I got a new camera some time ago now, but the practicalities of carrying one around put me off never mind all the settings. Good look with finding a replacement but in the meantime it looks as if your son’s point and shoot is a great temporary meausure.

  8. djdfr says:

    I have a Canon Powershot SX120. I like it. It is not unwieldy or heavy. It has automatic and other settings so I can either point and click or get more creative. Sometimes I use the speed priority button because it seems when I go out to photograph flowers, the wind comes up. 🙂
    Sorry about your mishap.

  9. Oh no, how frustrating, a camera becomes a friend, you learn your way around it, how to get the best from it, and learning a new one is a pain. I have a (now quite old) nikon bridge camera with a tilting and viewscreen, and it is indeed very handy for macro shots. I love using it in the garden, but I find it increasingly inconvenient to cart around with me. We have a cheap point and click waterproof camera now which takes fabulous photos, though I’m not yet very good with it on macro. Personally, I’d go for a small and easily portable camera, but I don’t envy you the choosing! In the mean time you seem t be doing just fine with your son’s!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Janet – I think a smaller camera is for me as I dont want one I have to lug around or I just wont bother. I completely intend to use my sons in the meantime as he doesnt use it much

  10. Helen Johnstone says:

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. As I have just treated myself to an iPad (and no I dont want to use that for photographs as I will no doubt drop and break it in the garden) and I have a car service and MOT booked I will use my son’s camera for the time being and hope that inspiration strikes soon about what to get.

  11. Yes, the Kirengeshoma palmata is absolutely gorgeous. I can understand the attachment. I started biking after heart surgery 10 years ago. That bike has carried me on multiple 200 mile bike rides so parting with that bike would be like parting with a beloved uncle.

  12. I’ll second the Canon PowerShot when you get round to buying another. The macro function is excellent and I probably use that more than any other feature.

  13. Diana Studer says:

    also an ageing Canon Powershot here. I’m a coward and leave it on Auto. My husband has a tiltscreen which he uses a lot (it was a reason why he bought THAT camera, but his is bulky and heavy)

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