Opps more bulbs!


I hadn’t actually forgotten about my Avon Bulbs order but I was kind of in denial as I already have quite a lot of bulbs to plant!  Saying that I was still thrilled when I got home from work to find another parcel waiting for me.

The contents were interesting as I had forgotten what I had ordered, although I do have a list somewhere – hopefully with notes of what is meant to go where.  I  had forgotten I had ordered Iris unguiclaris Walter Butt or even Dichelostemma ida maia.  I do know that the latter has been on my list year after year  and never makes the cut when I have to compare the list with my budget but it did this year.

The parcel contained the following:

Allium cernuuum
Bongardia chrysogonum
Corydalia  solida
Crocus chry. Advance
Crocus siberi Tricolor
Dichelostemma ida maia
Iris x hollandice Oriental Beauty
Iris unguicularis Walter Butt
Muscari macrocarpum Golden Fragrance
Narcissus Sophie’s Choice
Narcissus Elegance

At least now I know where the Crocus I thought I had ordered are!  As for the rest hopefully my notebook will give some clues as to my intentions or I will have written something helpful in the brochure.



11 Comments on “Opps more bulbs!

    • Hi Sue
      I should keep bulb catalogues I think they must be quite interesting over time

  1. I have been saying to myself when anywhere near a plant shop or market “My Name Is Yvonne – I am a plantoholic – I have gone x days without buying a plant” – fell into trap on Tues on a garden visit and was GIVEN a Madagascan geranium and ‘bought’ a red abutilon at the HUGE price of $1.50! Oh and I did buy some lettuce plants last Sat at my grand sons place of work at staff rates.It’s so hard! But with an acre here I can enjoy the plants here! A it like shopping for food for one I have to keep telling myself – “No you havexx in cupboard or fridge or freezer and you need to eat that before 20th Dec!!” Wow we have sun and I am sure the water is warming up for a swim!

  2. Now I thought that I’d studied the Avon Bulbs catalogue throughly Helen but there’s one a couple of names in your list that I don’t recognise. I’m trying crocus ‘Advance’ too for the first time. Hope that you find your magical planting plan.

  3. I have ordered loads of bulbs this year, too – all the while saying I wasn’t going to do much bulb planting this fall! It’s always fun, though, to get a plant package in the mail, especially, I think, if we have forgotten what we ordered and are surprised by what’s in it – then it’s like a present!

  4. Oh Helen, I am sure you realise you are not on your own (although grrrr! I am still waiting for my one and only bulb order…) and I like Yvonne’s Plantaholics Anonymous lament! How exciting to have lots of new things to try and I look forward to seeing the results next year.

  5. I’m loving your bulb purchases, good for you! I can’t figure out what the ‘in the green’ bulbs are in your order, but you’ve reminded me that I wanted to try the dichelostemma this year.
    Your rows of potted bulbs in another post look very promising. They’re fun to grow that way but I sometimes have trouble keeping up with them in my climate. Oftentimes I plant them out before blooming to beef up the flower beds -when it’s easy to see where the gaps are.

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