Autumn arrives in the garden

Acer changing colour

Acer changing colour

The all day rain that was forecast today didn’t appear, well it was over by 8am.  The sun came out and I spent a happy afternoon planting some conifers which I will tell you about soon.  I took the opportunity to wander round the garden and have a good look.  The majority of the garden is still green and only the Amelanchier and the Acer leaves have started to turn. The garden is in a state of disarray like a glamorous lady returning for a rather heavy night on the town, having had a few too many and her make up running.



However unlike I am not rushing to put the garden to bed, unlike the glamorous lady, but I am working my way  around the garden tidying as and where needed as well as planting bulbs.  To  be honest I hate the notion of putting the garden to bed for the winter as it makes me feel claustrophobic  thinking I won’t be able to get outside for so long.

Seedheads of Digitalis ferruginea

Seedheads of Digitalis ferruginea

I particularly like the seedheads of the Digitalis ferruginea at the moment they are quite black and shiny and the various clumps I have really stand out.  I think I might need to get creative and try to think of something pale to plant a clump in front off just to show them off that much better this time next year.

Seedhead of Monarda

Seedhead of Monarda


11 Comments on “Autumn arrives in the garden

  1. Yes, I was surprised by the early end to the rain too. What a beautiful acer – mine are all too tiny to make an impact. And I wish my monardas had survived to produce such a nice seadhead!

    • Hi Cathy

      My acre is a good 13 years old so quite well established, I just got lucky with the sun shining through the leaves

  2. I agree about the Digitalis ferruginea seedheads…they are so gorgeous! I’m not one for putting the garden to bed in the Autumn…I let everything pretty much stand until early spring (sometime in February here in the PNW) to cut things down. I rather enjoy the slightly tattered look right now…it isn’t the tidiest, granted, but there’s an overall feeling of satisfaction, somehow 🙂

    • Hi Scott
      I find it quite hard to leave everything until spring especially as I have lots of bulbs which I want too reveal, so I tend to go through the borders every few weeks over autumn and winter

  3. Your glamorous lady doesn’t look too raddled yet! Beautiful photo of the acer leaves, mine is only just starting to turn. If the rain stops for long enough I will be planting some ferruginea of my own, I hope they look as good next year as yours have. Must think about showing off the seedheads. Maybe I will put them somewhere different…

  4. I don’t think that the garden ever goes to bed for the winter Helen but rather has a snooze in a comfortable armchair. There are always jobs you can do as along as you tiptoe around her and it’s not too cold or wet. Like the sheen on those digatalis seedheads.

  5. Hi Helen,
    Lovely Acer Picture… The leaves have blown off mine now. I’ve not been even close to a frost as yet so everything looks green still.
    Happy Growing.!

  6. Red leaves at this time of year, although expected, always have that wow! factor! I prefer to leave the garden, tidying subtly where needed (nasturtiums posing tripping hazard at the moment) but as the garden I look after is a community space, I’ve just been told off by our new tidiness obsessed housing officer for having untidy pots and plants! Oh yes, the fruit trees are also untidy and will, apparently, be severely pruned into a nice tidy box shape in spring. Over my dead body.

  7. Love the acer leaves. I caught the first hints of red in ours this weekend too, hopefully in the next week or two they will begin to blaze. Saturday was a good day to be out in the garden, a little breezy but invigorating. We harvested our squashes, and dismantled much of the vegetable garden, and I planted out some of the aquilegias that I started from seed mid-summer.

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