PJ Bottoms Finished


I am rather pleased as I have finished my youngest son’s PJ bottoms rather quicker than I anticipated.  I think my biggest problem, as I said in the last post, is bringing myself to cut the material as I worry about cutting it wrong and material isn’t cheap at all.

The pattern couldn’t have been easier which is good as I am trying to get my confidence back when it comes to dress-making.  They probably only took about 5 hours maximum to sew together although I did them over a number of evenings this week.

Despite taking it quite slowly and reading the instructions carefully I still managed to catch one of the pockets in the top waistband, as I was meant to, but so that it faced backwards!!!  I didn’t realise I had done this until he tried them on. He kindly said it didn’t 2013_11010002matter and that I wasn’t to unpick the waistband, according to him the fact that the pocket faces backwards as this is ideal for his iPhone – I think he is being very polite.

Anyway, they are made and he loves them.  The material a lovely soft cotton flannel has been a joy to work with and he is excited about them as they should keep him warmer in his student house.  When your room is on the third floor of a Victorian terrace near the top of a hill keeping warm becomes quite a priority.  Apparently the PJ bottoms are very on trend; and there was me thinking how old-fashioned they were.

Needless to say there has been a request for a second paid, so he must really like them. But first I have to make my eldest son a pair.  I suspect that by Christmas I will be a little weary of making PJ bottoms but at least they are really appreciated.



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  1. Helen Johnstone says:

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    My latest creative efforts

  2. Nothing like PJs for inducing confidence. Congratulations.

  3. Yvonne Ryan says:

    They look good – never heard of pockets in PJ’s! I don’t think you would get a job in a Chinese factory tho’ need to speed up a bit! Apparently it’s trendy (or sloppy) to go shopping in the supermarket in your PJ’s. Causing quite backlash here! Also onsie’s are popular for young ones, all in one bottom, top, and hoodie! Now that could be a challenge for you!

  4. Well done Helen! sounds like a very good way to get back to sewing, and I know about that fabric, it’s lovely to work with, doesn’t slip or slide. Maybe I’ll make some for my sons! I’m in a similar position re: regaining confidence…(sewing & craft-related things)…have just started my wordpress site on gardening matters, but like you, love doing other things. Ok, it’s not raining right now…time to get out there and plant my lovely bulbs – ‘Rijnveld’s ‘Early Sensation’ – a narcissus highly recommended by lots of gardeners. Apparently one of the first to flower, and lovely tall flowers. Good luck with your sewing…maybe I’ll make a start on a Kimono-sleeved jacket today after reading your blog! 🙂 here’s the link to my blog if you’re interested: inspireandsew.wordpress.com.

  5. They look really good, I can see why your son was so chuffed. I begin to think I should try making some for TNG. Where did you get the pattern and material from? it is years since I wielded a sewing machine in earnest, but you have given me slightly itchy fingers. Just as well as I am supposed to be tackling curtains…

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Janet
      the pattern is New Look 6321 which I ordered from someone online and then fabric was from Truro fabrics who also do a sample service, good luck

    2. Thank you, I’ll need it!!

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