End of Month View – November 2013


This is probably the last End of Month view of the front garden as to be honest I think it hasn’t been that interesting a theme for this year.  Saying that I will do what I did last year and do a montage of the above view through the year in December so it might become more apparent than the changes.

I have started to put bark chip mulch down partly to keep the weeds at bay but also to keep the moisture in as being a  predominantly clay based soil it really dries out in the summer so I need to add lots of organic stuff and also try to stop it driving out too much.


Any one who has read this blog for some time will know I have a love hate relationship with the front garden so I am aiming for planting that will mainly look after itself. I have tried to build up a bit of a red theme in the flowers although I am primarily trying to focus on the foliage and texture.  The reason for the red theme is because the Grevillea ‘Canberra Gem’ which now dominates the end of the lawn has wonderful red flowers which the bees adore.


Admittedly the grass desperately needs a cut and who knows this weekend the sun may shine and the dew might dry out and it may get cut.  I also need to tidy up the side border but generally it can will be fine for the winter.

Anyway, I am now thinking about what I will focus on next year for the End of Month View – I am thinking on a couple of different areas in the main garden which will make this meme a little more interesting.

Please feel free to join in with the meme and use it as you wish.  I would ask though that you add a link to this post in yours  and also a link to your post in the comment box so we can all find each other.




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  1. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Good evening Helen, I’m joining you in the end of the month view but couldn’t decide on a particular part of the garden so posted several and will choose one of them next month. My post can be found here – http://outlawgarden.blogspot.com/2013/11/november-end-of-month-view.html I rather enjoy your front garden as it has multi season interest. The white bark is especially lovely against the dark evergreens.

  2. bushbernie says:

    It always amazes me when I see our Aussie natives like your Grevillea flourishing in countries far away. It is a terrific looking plant when it’s covered in flowers. I always enjoy the end-of-month views, even when winter is approaching, because here we don’t get those great seasonal changes. Our gardens tend to look pretty much the same for most of the year.

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi BB
      I’m the same when I see British flowers in Australia and the US. I do appreciate our seasons, I’m not sure now I would cope with it not changing much during the year but I suppose you get used to it

  3. Pauline says:

    I lost my Grevillea one winter a while ago, lucky you being able to grow it! I have joined in with your review, thanks for hosting once more, my link is-

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      hi Pauline
      Sorry you lost your grevillea, I have had mine for about 8 years now and it is well established, would be sad to loose it as it reminds me of my late sister who was with me when I bought it. Will pop over to check out your EOMV post

  4. rusty duck says:

    Hi Helen, the front garden is looking great. I like the ‘cleaner’ look. There are more focal points now too, I find I am taking in more of the garden. The tall grasses, although they were lovely, always drew my eye immediately to the far end. Looking forward to the montage too, that will really show up the changes you have made.
    Here is my link for November:
    Progress here too, I hope!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi RD
      I am glad you agree about the grass, I have been much happier since I removed it. I agree that it drew the eye too much but also I just don’t think I do messy!

  5. Hi Helen, I think you front garden has improved out of all measure, not that it was terrible by any means before, but now it has more presence, somehow, and more coherance. Hopefully it means you will be able to leave it to its own devices, and feel content with it rather than it being a constant irritant. Though I do hope you will show the occasional photo of it again as the spring bulbs and summer flowers start to make their presence felt next year. And I have to agree with Jessica, getting rid of the deschampsias was briliant.

    Anyway, my post is up – thanks again for hosting!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Janet
      Thank you, hopefully over the next couple of years the perennials will fill out and it will look fab, I just have to patient and let them get on with it!

  6. Your front garden is a little jewel box. I think it is amazing what you do in such a small space. I could never feature a single space in my garden each month…because I never get enough accomplished!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Marian
      Doing the EMOV post on the front garden this year has made me deal with it and focus as I couldn’t bear it to appear I hadn’t done anything from one month to another!

  7. Anna says:

    I think that you may well be pleasantly surprised when you collate that montage Helen. If you are enjoying the same weather as us that lawn should get done this weekend. My EOMV is now up at :
    ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is about to reel me in but I will return over the weekend so that I can visit other EOMV participants 🙂

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Anna

      you are right the sun shone on Saturday and my son cut the grass for me which was a relief as it was so unsightly

  8. Cathy says:

    If we are being honest with ourselves then it is good to post even what we think are the uninteresting and unsatisfying bits of of our gardens and then we can see how they have progressed – and your montage will definitely show this. I have found this such a useful ‘meme’ and am so pleased to have the opportunity to be part of it – thanks, Helen. Mine is now up and posted at:

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Cathy
      I’m glad you enjoy the meme, I find it helps me really think about a part of the garden and really look at it. I also prefer reading blog posts where people are being honest rather than just showing lovely views etc all the time!

  9. I enjoy seeing how your garden progresses and your honest assessment of it…so I actually have enjoyed watching you make the changes to this garden….I will be joining in on Monday with my post.

  10. Lyn says:

    Here is my link, Helen.

    I think a montage is a good idea, but I have also enjoyed the posts about your front garden. Every piece of writing that explores how another gardener thinks and tries to problem-solve is a springboard for our own ideas, and that’s why I like your posts. Not just patient, but thoughtful!

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Lyn
      Thank you, I forget about the words and find myself thinking oh these photos look the same as last months and readers will be bored but you are right I too enjoy reading others thought processes

  11. Alison says:

    I have enjoyed the focus on just one part of the garden this year for your EoMV, like you I struggle with my front garden, I think I just don’t want to spend time on it and prefer to be in the back garden as it has more variety/challenge to offer. I’m looking forward to what you decide to focus on for next year.

    My EoMR is : http://www.blackberrygarden.co.uk/2013/12/end-of-month-review-november-2013.html

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Alison
      The EMOV has certainly made me sort the front garden out! I think I might include the greenhouse next year, the cottagey border and one other area

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