This is probably the last End of Month view of the front garden as to be honest I think it hasn’t been that interesting a theme for this year.  Saying that I will do what I did last year and do a montage of the above view through the year in December so it might become more apparent than the changes.

I have started to put bark chip mulch down partly to keep the weeds at bay but also to keep the moisture in as being a  predominantly clay based soil it really dries out in the summer so I need to add lots of organic stuff and also try to stop it driving out too much.


Any one who has read this blog for some time will know I have a love hate relationship with the front garden so I am aiming for planting that will mainly look after itself. I have tried to build up a bit of a red theme in the flowers although I am primarily trying to focus on the foliage and texture.  The reason for the red theme is because the Grevillea ‘Canberra Gem’ which now dominates the end of the lawn has wonderful red flowers which the bees adore.


Admittedly the grass desperately needs a cut and who knows this weekend the sun may shine and the dew might dry out and it may get cut.  I also need to tidy up the side border but generally it can will be fine for the winter.

Anyway, I am now thinking about what I will focus on next year for the End of Month View – I am thinking on a couple of different areas in the main garden which will make this meme a little more interesting.

Please feel free to join in with the meme and use it as you wish.  I would ask though that you add a link to this post in yours  and also a link to your post in the comment box so we can all find each other.