I notice today that both Cathy over at Rambling in the Garden and Sue at From Sewing Room to Potting Shed were participating in a weekly meme showing a vase of flowers  from their garden. I’m not sure how long they have been doing this or who started it but it seemed like a fun idea so I thought I would join in.  There are a couple of downsides to this:

– joining in a weekly meme featuring flowers from the garden in December is probably not the best idea – I suspect it will become challenging very quickly and interesting foliage will soon predominate.

– I usually do a weekly round-up of the garden on a Sunday evening  and I like to leave posts for a couple of days so I will probably time the Monday vase for Monday evening.

So for my first vase I picked the few remaining Chrysanthemums in the garden.  These are from a collection I bought from Sarah Raven this year.  I am still in two minds about Chrysanthemums and can’t decide whether to include them next year.  I think I will pot them up for the winter and see where my dithering leads over the winter.  I thought to continue the Asian theme, after all Chrysanthemums are the national flower of Japan, I would add a little bamboo foliage.  This is a dwarf bamboo that I have had for years and I have a note of the name somewhere but I can’t remember where.  Then to complete the Asian effect I have used a vase I bought in Hong Kong back in my teens although I may have bought it in China, as we went on a day trip over the border and I remember buying one vase that day which sadly broke so I may have bought this one at the same time.

I have something up my sleeve for next week but I really do think this is going to get interesting.  Hopefully some of our Southern Hemisphere blogging friends will join in and cheer us up with their exotic blooms.