Monthly Post for Hardy Plant Society

This year I will be writing a monthly post for the Hardy Plant Society on my Plant of the Month.

January’s post is up here and it is on Christmas Box. Now to write February’s

5 Comments on “Monthly Post for Hardy Plant Society

  1. Oh will look at the HPS website later Helen and have a read. I imagine that as the year progresses choosing which plant to write about will become a real dilemma.

  2. An interesting article Helen – good to read those facts about what is, as you say, a not always readily available plant. Will you be contributing every month this year?

    • Hi Cathy
      Yes I have committed to doing one a month for the whole of 2014, I may regret it!

  3. Interesting article Helen and really useful tips about it getting leggy and the need to prune. Funnily enough I planted my first Sarcococca, confusa, in my shady border a couple of weeks ago, and just yesterday picked up Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna ‘Purple Stem’. Their fragrance is amazing and makes venturing into the garden in winter a sweet treat. This plant should be better used in gardens – hope your article encourages people.

    Great you are doing this for HPS. Hard work, but we (well, this reader) appreciates it.

  4. I read your well written and researched HPS article last night Helen and would have commented over there but there does not seem to be the facility to do so. I think that your plant is Sarcococca confusa . I’ve got both confusa and hookeriana and the leaves of the former are more deep green,rounder and more glossy to my eye. I picked up both my plants from a local garden centre but have a feeling that they are probably only in stock when they are in flower so the window to purchase them is brief.

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