I think there is only one word to describe the garden this week – soggy! The ground is sodden to the extent that the woodchip and grass paths are becoming challenging to negotiate and the patio floods quickly.  It really doesn’t make for good or mildly alright gardening weather.  That said I have little energy left after decorating my bedroom this last week  to do much in the garden so the endless rain means I’m not wishing I had some residual energy.  Instead I am enjoying the faint blue haze that is appearing on the prostrate rosemary which grows over the wall outside of the kitchen window.


During one of my many trips to the DIY store I picked up these three cyclamen which were very reduced and looking quite forlorn.  They were simply labelled ‘Cyclamen’ so I have no idea which variety they are and they could well be of the less hardy variety but they are full of flower buds and I am hoping they will  add a little colour over the coming weeks to the border under the Prunus which I was tidying before Christmas.

I seem to be drowning in seed and bulb catalogues at the moment and the number of turned corners and asterisks is quite worrying.  I decided to try to rationalise my ‘wants’ by sorting out the seed box and discovered that  I already have five packets of cosmos seeds of various varieties, as well as numerous wallflower, snap dragon,  rudbeckia, nigella and calendula seeds.  Some are bought and some I have  collected myself.  So there is no need for me to buy annual seeds and I can focus my intentions on perennials which are more appealing to me anyway and reduces the list a tiny bit.


I have ventured out a few times over the weekend and tidied up in the greenhouse and cold frame.  I am trying very hard to look after my alpines and particularly the primulas so that they may just be good enough to show although I really don’t have a clue what I am doing just following my instinct.  My collection of bulbs seems to be thriving with virtually all the pots having noses of leaves pushing through the gravel.  In the greenhouse the Iris reticulata Cantab I moved in under cover last week is definitely pushing ahead of those outside and I decided to bring two of the Cyclamen periscum I have grown from seed in to the house.  I am hoping the increased heat might encourage the flower buds I have spotted to open; the first time the plants will have flowered.

Its back to work on Monday which will mean that I won’t see the garden again until next Saturday morning.  I find this time of year a little challenging in this respect so I am glad I have a meeting of one of the garden clubs this week so at least I will get some sort of horticultural fix.