End of Month View – February 2014


After the delights of Wisley at the start of the week it is hard not to feel disillusioned when I look at my own garden.  I have to remind myself that I work full-time and my resources are signficantly less.  I also think it can be hard at this time of year not look negatively when we have had nothing but grey skies and the borders are looking bare so I shall start the End of Month View post with the jolly irises on the staging.

I really should have moved the plastic pots before taking the photos but this is a warts and all post so there they are.  I still need to come up with something to cover the fence.  It needs to grow well in a pot, cope with direct sunlight all day and preferably evergreen.  I think if I can find something suitable then it won’t matter that the staging is less interesting at other times of the year.


The Spring Patio border is currently a border of two halves.  The Bike Shed end is looking good with lots of snowdrops blooming to be followed by other bulbs; these will be followed by some perennials including Astrantia and Acanthus.


The greenhouse end is less interesting at the moment.  There are perennials in here which will fill the border in late summer including Kirengeshoma palmata and Actaea simplex.  However I need to have some interest now especially as this is the view from my living room.  So when the snowdrops have finished flowering I will be dividing the clumps and spreading them along the border.  I also think something evergreen in this space which would compliment the late summer planting would be good – thinking cap on.


I won’t be including the border in the front garden this month as absolutely nothing has changed and despite it being a warts and all post I think another photo of a bare border with an almost dead lavender is going too far.  Anyway, moving on to the Cottage Border along the top of the wall (above) there is progress and narcissus are starting to flower albeit in the middle of the path (oops). This border is meant to have an early summer season of interest and should be a delightful mix of roses, delphinium, geraniums etc.  It will be interesting to see how the border lives up to the image in my mind but its a work in progress so this will be a watching brief.


Finally the border formerly known as the Bog Garden which has been rechristened the Camellia Border.  I have been waiting for the weather to improve so I can finish the planting here and hopefully  that might happen this weekend.  The canes in the foreground relating to the hard landscaping that we are thinking of doing around the workshop.

So to sum up nothing has changed since last month but hopefully in the next month with more of the sun we have had in the last few days plants will grow and flowers emerge and there will be lots to report next month.

If you would like to join in with this meme you are very welcome to.  All I ask is that you leave a link to your post in the comments box and link to this post in yours.


28 Comments on “End of Month View – February 2014

  1. I love your iris “theatre”. What about Trachelospermum jasminoides for the fence behind? It’s evergreen, has flowers with a wonderful scent, and I’ve had one growing in a pot here in the Cotswolds which I brought with me from London. It took a bit of a hit in the very cold winter last year, but I pruned it back hard and it sprang to life again.

    • Hi Victoria, the jasmine is an idea I have one against the house wall and it looses it’s leaves every year. I was thinking about an evergreen clematis

    • Hi Julieanne
      The stray daff came from me putting in a path without really digging the ground first! I will have to try to remember to move it when it has flowered

  2. None of us can compete with Wisley, its there to inspire us! Your little iris look so beautiful in their “theatre”, they are an inspiration to the rest of us. My crocus in the woodland are popping up in the bark chipping path, plants always seem to put themselves where they think is best. Will look forward to seeing how your camellia border progresses.
    My link is – http://leadupthegardenpath.com/

    • Hi Pauline
      It is funny how despite our best efforts the plants ignore the boundaries we impose.

    • It’s officially last day of summer here! Please please some more sunny days like we have had in last week. Swimming still lovely. Daughter No1 in Queenstown for NZ Open Mens Golf and WINTER there with snow on the tops. They took winter woollies and have needed them! To think I have had to open ranchsliders and side big windows and when No 5 daughter and family arrived they moaned how hot it was! Hopefully cold spell doesn’t come up here! Have a good spring with lots of colour!

    • Hi RD
      I move plants so much that it really isn’t that surprising to discover the stray daffs! I am very hopeful of the cottage garden but know it will probably need some additions to get it right

  3. The cottage border has great potential, Helen, and the path through it already adds to the appeal – I will watch this progress with interest. Victoria’s idea for a trachelospermum (did you see the one at Wisley?) is a good one although they do take time to get going and my original one is the only thing I have ever lost to a cold winter. To guarantee quick coverage you could always have some tiny leaved ivies but perhaps attach a trellis to the wall so they climbed up this rather than the wall itself. My post is at http://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/end-of-month-view-watching-and-waiting/ Thanks for hosting, as always.

    • Hi Cathy
      I was thinking about Ivys as I have two that need a new home.

    • Hi Alison
      I think you are right we get all fired up after Christmas and then get fustrated having to wait to so things

  4. Oh I do like those cheery irises and crocuses on display Helen. It makes a special feature of them. I would like to do something similar with my snowdrops. I have bought an old step ladder last year with that idea in mind but am neurotic about the pots freezing over or getting drenched. Have your pots been out all winter? Do not be disheartened after your trip to Wisley. You work wonders and more considering you work full time! My end of month view is up now at :

    • Hi Anna
      Yes the pots have been out all winter, I did cover them in fleece a couple of nights but it hadn’t been that cold. I was more worried about the wet and the bulbs rotting but most seem to be OK

  5. I love your irises too – and you say it’s ‘warts and all’, but you should see parts of mine (there’s a reason why there’s no EOMV post on Beangenie, ho ho)…

  6. Your garden is charming. I so enjoyed getting to go along the paths and hear what is in store for warmer weather. I especially like the stone-edged path, daffodils and all.

    Linked to your post and here’s mine: End of Month View

    • Hi Shirley
      Thanks for joining in, I love your garden all those plants I can’t grow here

  7. I think this is such an exciting time of year with everything in the garden on the brink. As with other comments, I love your iris staging – it reminded me instantly of this month’s Gardens Illustrated article on pots for spring! The rest of your garden looks bursting with promise – including the lone daffodil! I had violas coming up in the paving last year and wish they would repeat that trick! Look forward to seeing next month’s progress.
    Here’s mine: http://urbanvegpatch.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/bud-wiser-february-end-of-month.html

  8. I was going to suggest some Ivy but see it has already been mentioned. I grow a couple in contairners where I don’t want it let loose in the ground!
    Your staging is inspired – although, I’m sure I may have said that last month, so excuse me repeating myself. Will be watching with interest your Camellia border. Look at those buds already 🙂
    Little difference in my post this month too

    • Hi Angie
      I do think it funny that people are so taken with my staging, it’s just some scaffolding planks and breeze blocks my son out together for me a few years ago. But it is incredibly useful

  9. I, too, love your staging with the charming iris pots. It may be humble, but it’s tidy, and the iris contrasted with the earthy terra-cotta is all that I see (well, that and the clean geometry of the trellising behind). Just looking at the photo cheers me up and makes me think I should plan something similar to lift my spirits next winter. Things are looking very grim out the window here following a sleet storm yesterday, although if I step outside I can smell the Lonicera fragrantissima in bloom. Gorgeous lemony scent; perhaps spring will arrive after all.

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