My garden this weekend – 16th March 2014


What a lovely weekend it has been – dry, sunny, warm – what more could you ask for. As ever I had some gardening plans for the two days and as ever I knew I wouldn’t achieve them but I do like a plan.

I have been mithering for some months about the area around the workshop which has never been finished.  We had agreed that there was an opportunity to put a small seating area by the workshop but the ground needed leveling, along with some steps.  Of course in order to do this all the detritus from building the workshop etc had to be moved first as well as plants I wanted to save.  We had  agreed that the first stage was for my son (the head landscaper) to sort out the top step by the workshop so I could start moving the pebbles and stones across.  However, my head landscaper was feeling inspired by the sunshine – or fed up with me moaning – and decided to crack  on and sort the whole area out.


We have gone for our usual simplistic landscaping using what we had and put  in wood edging and levelled the ground.  We now need to top dress this with lots of gravel.  The area isn’t that big and having measured  up for a potential bench we have now decided, a decision I suspect we will regret, to push the ‘dry stone wall’ back a foot. The head landscaper says this will be straightforward (!!) and the earth we remove will go to top under the border around the Sorbus.


So this is the view from my new seating area – it’s all rather exciting as I thought I was going to spend the weekend weeding.


Well all that was on Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday we decided that more gentle pursuits was required so the head landscaper had a lay in and I finally potted up the dahlia tubers, begonia corms and a brugmansia I had succumbed to at the garden centre.  I also  sowed loads of seed  that I have been meaning to sow for the last couple of weeks – saving the job for a rainy afternoon!

To round off the perfect weekend I popped out for an hour to visit the garden at Little Malvern which was open under the NGS scheme but I will save that for another post. Returning home I did a little weeding along the grass path (the photo below was before the weeding) only finishing as the sun was going down – how incredibly satisfying.


9 Comments on “My garden this weekend – 16th March 2014

    • Hi Yvonne
      The garden is only 10 mins drive from me so it was easy to fit in. I also find that solitary garden visits are quicker than when I visit with someone!

  1. What a great weekend to get so far on a project that’s been in the works for so long (although I have plenty which have aged for far longer!) The fresh green and sunshine would have made it a perfect weekend anyway, but to get all that checked off your to-do list is such a plus. It looks great!

    • Hi Bittster
      I know I am so pleased. I also have a long list of projects but the trouble is the more time that passes the more chance there is that I will change my mind and then procrastination sets in so it was good to get this one sorted, more or less

  2. Isn’t it lovely when you get a project done that you’ve been thinking about for some time? Hope the Spring has finally come to you there…

    • It has been lovely weather although I think it is meant to be cooler by the end of the week but we have to remember that this time last year we had snow!

  3. I had been a wonderful weekend indeed!!! In the sun it felt almost like summer! I love the grass-path in your garden. I have been trying to cut the grass area to create more room for plants, but Mr M likes his lawn mower too much;)

  4. How exciting to have a bench. At my previous home I had a bench at the end of the garden which I could see from the kitchen window. When ever I looked out, I had the feeling of sitting there.

  5. Hello, I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m enjoying looking through your recent posts. What a productive garden you have, with signs of spring everywhere, which must be so encouraging.

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