Plant Me Now – Perennial Starter Plants


Long term readers of this blog may recall that last year I did a number of reviews for Plant Me Now mainly in relation to their bedding plants.  I was always impressed with the quality of the plants and the package so I was more than happy to be asked to review some of their perennial starter plants this month.


The plants arrived in the usual good packaging and as you can see they come with excellent roots all ready to be potted up.  I received two varieties of Geum – Mrs Bradshaw and Queen of Orange, some Poppy Garden Gnome and also Euphorbia Martinii.  All quite hot colours but their offer of perennial starter plants covers a wide range of plants from Achillea to Viola in a whole wealth of colours.


I potted them all up and they are already looking as though they need potting up again and that’s after only about 2 weeks. I want them to put on a little more growth before I plant them out in the garden but then this approach is the purpose of the starter plant. You save the time and effort of growing from seed and also the cost of buying a plant that has reached maturity.  It also allows you to buy more plants for your money which is particularly useful if you want to make a bit of an impact.


I shall do an update in a few months on how they have progressed but so far so good.


6 Comments on “Plant Me Now – Perennial Starter Plants

  1. I didn’t realise they did plants other than bedding, which I’m not so keen on. I like the idea and it might be a good way to start when funds are tight and when you don’t want to have to grow everything from seed yourself. It will be interesting to see how they grow.

  2. Those look like really high quality and healthy plants. I’m looking forward to seeing them in full bloom and glory later in the season.

  3. They look like great plants, so healthy and lush. Did you pot them up because you weren’t quite sure where to put them? I would have planted them straight out into the garden.

  4. It’s a good idea to be able to buy starter perennials like this – you can then group them for the price of a single mature plant (or less?).

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