Foliage Follow-up – April 2014

Fatsia Spidersweb

Fatsia Spidersweb

This month’s foliage post features some new acquisitions, some of which are destined for the new hardy exotic border.  I am particularly pleased with the Fatsia Spidersweb which I bought from Cotswold Garden Flowers the other week.  I have been considering  buying one since the end of last year but as I already have two fatsias I thought one more would be one too many.  But then whats another Fatsia especially when the foliage is as wonderful as above.

Tetrapanax papyrifer rex

Tetrapanax papyrifer rex

To go alongside the Fatsia I have splashed out on a Tetrapanax papyrifer rex.  I have never grown one of these before and it is more borderline than I am used to risking in the border but I love the foliage and I think it’s a must for the new border.

Asarum splendens

Asarum splendens

I do like the Asarum with its mottled and crumpled leaves.  For some reason when I look at this photograph I am reminded of a frog but maybe I need to have some more sleep.

Sciadopitys verticillata

Sciadopitys verticillata

Another new acquisition, back in February when I visited RHS Wisley, is this Sciadopitys verticillata.  This plant isn’t destined for the new border but for a large pot on the steps.  I just couldn’t resist the texture of the spines, they are very tactile.


Finally, some hostas which are really making their presence felt at the moment. I have had this variety of hosta for years and it has moved house with me at least once, if not twice and I have absolutely no idea what variety it is.  I also don’t know if this variety is particularly obnoxious to slugs but it rarely gets eaten even in a wet summer.

For more foliage posts pop over to Pam’s Digging site – I am predicting there will be Agaves but no doubt lots of other wonderful plants, many of which will be new to me.

4 Comments on “Foliage Follow-up – April 2014

  1. Some inttiguing leafiness there Helen. I’m most taken with fatsia ‘Spiderweb’ after seeing her in the flesh recently. Have you decided where and with what it will be planted with yet?

  2. The hosta with white edges looks very nice. I am waiting for my plants to grow the foliage, as they didn’t have any when I planted them last autumn.

  3. Gotcha, Helen – no agaves this time either on my post! I quite enjoyed your new foliage-a-licious acquisitions. And yes, that Asarum DOES look like a frog.

  4. That’s an intriguing fatsia! Isn’t it amazing how quickly hostas shoot up at this time of year? I love their variety.

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