Foliage Follow up – May 2014


One thing that I’m not short of in the garden is fabulous foliage.  I won’t bore you again with ferns aside from showing you the magnificent Dryopteris growing either side of the new bench.  I would like to claim some contribution to these plants but they are both self-seeded plants and we just managed to squeeze the bench between them!

Impatiens omeiana

Impatiens omeiana

One of my favourite foliage plants at this time of year is Impatiens omeiana.  This isn’t an impatiens you would grow for its flowers as they aren’t that distinctive but the foliage is wonderful. The plant is around 2ft tall and has been in the ground for probably 5 years now coming through a couple of winter of -18C temperatures with just a thick mulch over the top.

Impatiens stenantha

Impatiens stenantha

This year I have add a second impatiens: Impatiens stenantha. Currently this is a ground hugging plant with smaller leaves but I’m not sure how tall it will grow once established as I can’t find out much about it.  I do like the darker stems and veining.

Begonia Raspberry Swirl

Begonia Raspberry Swirl

I have also been purchasing some mad Begonias with swirly fabulous leaves.  I think they are amazing and could have bought more varieties at Malvern Spring show.

Begonia escargot

Begonia escargot

Begonia Rochefort

Begonia Rochefort

These will live in pots on the patio as I will need to over winter them in the greenhouse.

Thanks to Pam over at Digging for hosting this monthly meme

5 Comments on “Foliage Follow up – May 2014

  1. I love the spiral begonias. I’m tempted to get one but I don’t know how tough they are. My angelwing begonias are extremely tough, make it through lots of neglect as far as watering, and will root easily from a cutting and even live in the jar of water. How tough are the spiral begonias? The ones I have seen in nurseries are very expensive. The Begonia boliviensis, which everyone was buying like hot cakes at gardening shows a few years ago, did not rebloom for me and eventually died. It is more herbaceous than angelwings. Which are the spiral begonias more like?

  2. Gosh those are some nice foliage followups! I love the impatients, but the begonias are unreal and exotic. I might have to pick up a rex this year, as of now I’ve stayed with my one angelwing which is nearly unkillable.

  3. I have never seen begonias with swirled leaves, I wonder how that happens. They are quite beautiful and I a sure it must have been difficult choosing between them.

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