Garden Visiting: The Nest


Today I went for a mooch into Herefordshire, my favourite county, to visit The Nest which is opening this Bank Holiday weekend for the NGS.    What a wonderful country garden full of all those plants I love, exuberant, floriferous and fascinating.



The property is adjacent to the old Stourport to Leominster Canal which we learned had never been completed and had been out of use for many decades. The owners divert some of the water through the garden to form a wonderful gully where ferns and other moisture loving plants grow.


Aside from the ferns the real draw at this time of year is a large square bed divided into quarters by a brick path with a water bath in the middle.  The planting is dense herbaceous and was positively buzzing with bees and even an untrained eye such as mine could spot at least three different varieties of bee.




As with many gardens around here at the moment there was a variety of irises including siberian (above) and some lovely bearded irises which the owner had for so long that the name was but a distant memory.

Rosa Stanwell Perpetual

The Rosa Stanwell Perpetual made its presence first with scent before you even noticed it but when you did see it the flowers were quite overwhelming.  Apparently this rose just gives and gives so is now on my wish list though goodness knows where I have space for it.


I decided to go on the wildflower walk around the owners wildflower meadow.  I bit of a departure for me as my knowledge about wildflowers has faded since I was quite good in my teens.  I have been becoming more and more interested in finding out more about our native plants but have been a little intimidated by the very knowledgeable people.  Anyway, I needn’t have worried we went for a walk through the meadow up mown paths.  The owner explained how the meadow had not been cultivated for some 200 years and how they had worked so hard to reduce the fertility of the soil to allow the flowers to predominate and the yearly routine that they applied to maintain this amazing spectacle.The highlight of my visit was seeing my first wild orchid – the Heath Spotted Orchid. 


A beautiful garden indeed even on a grey and damp day with the darkening clouds threatening overhead.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy Mooney says:

    Helen, what a wonderful day you had. I love your posts and photos. I too am often intimated by those who are so much more knowledgeable but it does not deter from my love of plants or appreciation for them.

  2. janneke says:

    You visited a wonderful garden in Herefordshire, the pictures are just gorgeous. Should like to go and see myself. For five years we were in Herefordshire on holidays in the Wye valley, so beautiful. We visited a lot of gardens too.

  3. Kim gibson says:

    Thank you , for letting me a have a small mooch around this lovely garden.

  4. Looks beautiful Helen. All those saturated greens and eye-poppingly bright irises. Sums up favourite time of year!

  5. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Another on my wish list!!!! How lovely!

  6. bittster says:

    I think the grey sky makes the colors all the more brilliant, and you do such a nice job capturing the scenes. I love the look of the wildflower meadow, what a nice change from a dull lawn. I hope my own little meadow can put on half the show someday, although I do like the grass going to seed as much as the flowers. This really is the nicest time of year 🙂

  7. Linda says:

    What a lovely garden! I enjoy visiting NGS gardens too down here in Sussex,

  8. rusty duck says:

    A beautiful garden. I love the primulas with the hosta and ferns, and those glorious blue irises. Lots of ideas for me here, thanks Helen!

  9. Ellie says:

    Dear Helen
    What a beautiful garden. I particularly like the herbaceous planting in the square garden – stunning!
    Thank you for sharing your visit.
    Best wishes

  10. Cathy says:

    Trying to catch up on other blogs – this looks such a pretty garden. The candelabra primulas make a real statement and I must admit I was tempted by some at a car boot sale on Monday as they were only £1 a plant – but I have some growing from seed from my RHS allocation so I resisted!

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