My Garden this Weekend – 1st June 2014


After all the rain and cool temperatures we have had it has been a lovely warm weekend; even at times, dare I say it, too warm for gardening.  Saturday was spent at the local HPS group meeting which I always enjoy as I rarely come away without learning something.  I also inevitably come home with some plants despite telling myself there really is no more room.  This week’s purchases are an Iris Louisiana ‘Sinfonietta’ and a Phyteuma scheuchzeri.  Apparently the Iris Louisiana likes the same conditions as Iris Siberica and will cope with a little flooding from time to time.


This photo doesn’t convey the wonderful iridescent blue of the flowers which in fact almost match the pot.  It is such a wonderful blue that Bob Brown made me go outside to admire the plant before I bought it. Anyway it is planted in the corner of the patio and fingers crossed it will do well.

imageI also wired up the side fence and planted a Rosa mutabilis which hopefully will spread to cover the fence under the neighbour’s Photinia – I think the colours will complement each other.  I then planted out some Aeoniums in the succulent border in the front garden and moved most of the other succulents out of the greenhouse placing them around the patio and up the steps.

To continue the small planting theme I also emptied out the spring bedding in the Jasmine planter and replaced it with Begonias.  This is a repeat of what I did last year which isn’t very original but it worked well and I walked round and round the garden centre and imagenothing really inspired me.  I sense that any interest in bedding I may have had is waning and I am tending towards more permanent plantings in pots.

I also did some tidying up in the front garden, cut the grass and pondered what I could add to the Driveway Border to add some extra height and interest now the Irises have gone over and the Crocosmia aren’t yet flowering.  I think I need some Verbascum.  I am going to go for the Verbascum chaixii ‘Album’ as the white will continue the theme of the Potentilla and the dark red/burgundy flower centres will pick up on the Alliums and Erysium.  I just need to decide whether to buy some plants now or whether to sow seed and be patient.

I then set too and tackled the patio border which has been swamped with Welsh Poppies and Bluebells.  The new Edgeworthia is being eaten by something and I am assuming its slugs although the Kirengeshoma next to it is also suffering from holes appearing on the leaves and I’m not convinced this is slug damage as they are very regular.  Anyway, I thought if I cleared away all the bluebell and narcissus debris then this would reduce the places for pests to hide and provide a healthier environment.  I dug up all the Welsh Poppies. I know some people love them but they are like a weed in my garden self-seeding everywhere and I find their yellow flowers distract from the rest of the plants.  I am sure en masse somewhere they would look fabulous but not dotted through my border.  I also dug up what bluebell bulbs I could locate and I have replanted them up the garden.  I know there are still some in the border but they are mixed up in the roots of the perennials and it would mean lifting plants etc.  Anyway, the border looks a lot better now and I think the plants will be healthier.


Not bad for a day in the garden.  Still lots more to do but then that is gardening for you.

19 Comments on “My Garden this Weekend – 1st June 2014

  1. I don’t remember seeing that last view before, Helen, and I can’t quite work out how it fits in…. You have had a busy weekend and I do rather envy you your HPS group. I did look into it but none of the groups are particularly convenient place or timewise – shame.

  2. Hi Cathy
    That border is along the patio outside the house. I have shown it before but photographed from the other end

  3. An excellent weekend of gardening! The patio border looks very lush and I’ll look forward to watching its progress. I’m also going to look up the particular Verbascum you mention as it sounds lovely.

    • Hi Alison
      That Verbascum is meant to be a good one for coming back year in year

  4. Well done, you are always so accomplished at the end of your weekend…. I wish I could say the same, and I wish my new purchases went into the ground as promptly as your iris! I hope it does well for you.
    There are still quite a few treasures potted by the greenhouse, are these still for planting out or are they for the patio?

    • hi bittster
      Some of the stuff on the patio is for planting out, some are impulse buys which need a home identified and some will stay on the patio – that almost sounds like I have a plan doesn’t it!

  5. Thanks for posting what you are doing in your garden and what is doing well. I spent most of all the spare time I had on Saturday in my garden, and this morning enjoyed an early morning walk watching the bees working really hard to make up for lost time. Love the look of your greenhouse.

  6. I really enjoyed your weekend journal. I have a bit of a passion for growing annuals , however this year have become slightly fed up – to put it mildly with the deluge of slugs…

    Kind gardening regards

    • Hi Sally
      I find annuals quite hard work and rarely grow them now, preferring the robustness of perennials

  7. I’ve just found your blog, it’s lovely. Our spring here in Nova Scotia has come much later than yours, so I am loving the look of your lush garden.

    • Hi Lynne
      Welcome, I dont think I would cope very well with having to wait so long for Spring

  8. Hello.I have just found your blog and enjoyed it.I have had the same problem with the welsh poppies and need to get rid of them.I will have to be firm!

    • Hi Barbara
      I find you need a good fork to get the whole tap root out, dont pull and break them as they just come back 😦 Thanks for visiting

  9. I’ve chuckled at your post Helen as I was having the very same debate earlier this spring about verbascum chaixii ‘Album’ when we went to a plant fair and guess what a plant came home with me. I will still be sowing some seeds this month though. Is that a new piece of garden art in your top photo?

    • Hi Anna
      I was wondering if it was too late to sow the seeds but if you are sowing now I shall too. I think you mean the dragonfly. I bought it last year at Malvern and it was living on the slope but it has been relocated to waft over the delphiniums now

  10. How lovely to read about your weekend in the garden! It’s looking great:)

  11. That iris looks the most lovely shade of blue !
    I agree about waning interest in bedding, I’m beginning to think it is really wasteful to buy it, from the point of view of energy use for transportation, use of peat for compost, heat for greenhouses etc. All this for 3 or 4 months before it is discarded. We are trying to replace bedding with permanent planting too, we are using lots of hostas, perennials such as Liatris and Gaura , plus geraniums and fuchsias which we have overwintered. What permanent planting are you trying Helen ?

    • Hi HHG
      I have started to try some succulents which I over winter and I am going for more pots with one big perennial such as hydrangeas, agapanthus, dahlias again overwintered

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