Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 2014

Geranium pratense 'Splish Splash'

Geranium pratense ‘Splish Splash’

The garden is starting to don its summer finery and the geraniums are one of the key players.  I hadn’t quite realised that I had so many varieties as I have.  Most of them have been grown from seed at some point or another including some from a random mix of seeds so I’m not sure what variety the majority are but that doesn’t detract from their beauty.  Splish Splash is my favorite as each flower is different and that really appeals to me.


The camera has made this blue just a little more vibrant than it actually it; it a more baby blue.  I do like how the blue flower works against the magenta/burgundy seed heads.


The camera has definitely injected some electricity into the blue of this unknown geranium.

Geranium palmatum

Geranium palmatum

I have a number of the Geranium palmatum all grown from seed two years ago.  I am particularly pleased with these as the seeds were labelled something different not as glamorous.  I bought a Geranium palmatum a few years back and lost it in the very cold winter we had.  I must make sure I collect seed from these in case we have a cold winter this year.


Geranium sanguineum striatrum

Geranium sanguineum striatrum

Two more unknown geraniums, both unknown varieties, but still loved.


Some Campanula again grown from seed some three years ago and again variety unknown but the blue is very good.










The Delphinium along the Cottage Border have started to flower. Yet again all grown from seed some years ago.  They are looking wonderful this year compared to last year when their flowers were snapped off by strong winds.  Some of them are around 6ft tall.










Also adding vertical interest to the borders are foxgloves.  I have the ordinary Digitalis purpurea and Digitalis purpurea f.albiflora which self seed themselves around the garden. But my absolute favourite at the moment is Digitalis mertonensis (commonly the Strawberry Foxglove) below.  2014_06140045logoFor more Garden Blogger Bloom Day posts visit Carol at May Dreams Garden.

17 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – June 2014

  1. Love your geraniums! I have several too but not ‘Splish Splash.’ That is cool! I also love delphs and fox gloves. Your garden is looking very appealing! 🙂

  2. Hi, I think the pink geranium might be Striata. I had one years ago … must find another … so sweet.

  3. The name Splish Splash’ had not been invented when I first came across it Helen 🙂 I think that one of the seed companies possibly T & M came up with the name. Until then it was simply geranium pratense ‘Striatum’. I think that the hardy geraniums are great – good doers, not fussy on the whole and not troubled by many pests. Just wish that they were scented but that’s being greedy. I think that six down is geranium sanguineum ‘Lancastriense’.

    • Hi Anna
      Yes I posted a photo of splish splash on twitter and got some comments about it not being its proper name but a marketing ploy of T&M. However my seeds were labelled that and I can remember that name more than its proper name!!!! Thanks for the name of one of the pink geranium another commenter has said it has changed, though thats no surprise either!

  4. I have only ever grown geranium from cuttings – so easy. I have planted 5 apricot foxgloves and they are doing well, in clay and get a bit dry so need a water every now and then. the purple one has become a weed on some farms in NZ. I have never been successful with delphiniums, too much wind, humid in Auckland. Although Eden gardens have a great display in summer, a sheltered old quarry. Not sure if they spray for mildew. Nearly shortest day here and had big storm last Tues, power off and trees down all over the place. We had little damage. Then every day siince gorgeous sunny (perspiring with a singlet and shorts on doing gardening!) no wind then temp drops when the sun goes down at 5pm Love autumn in NZ!

    • I am glad your apricot foxgloves are doing well. I have clay soil and foxgloves seem to like it.

    • Hi ACuriousgal
      I am sure if you look there are some foxgloves which you could grow in your conditions.

  5. The pink geranium is G. sanguineum striatum (sometimes still referred to by its older name G s. ‘Lancastriense’).

    • Many thanks – have updated photo with name for my future reference

  6. Geraniums and campanulas are so lovely in the June garden I grow masses too. I love your Splish Splash. When I grew them they were either all splish or all splash but never the two on one plant.
    I love your Delphiniums, they are beauties.

  7. Helen, your garden is really strutting its stuff this month. I can only grow a couple of different geraniums. I have bloody cranesbill which loves it here even in full sun–hot as that garden we visited last summer–and I have ‘Johnson’s Blue’ and ‘Brookside.’ These three perform well here, but I’ve tried many others that died even the perennial of the year, whatever its name was. Love your dephiniums and digitalis too. Such wonderful cottage plants.~~Dee

  8. i have ‘Splish-Splash’ in my garden, too. it was an impulse purchase when I saw it at a nursery one day and was hopelessly smitten. I’ve never regretted the purchase; the flowers feel whimsical to me and always make me smile.

  9. I loved seeing your geraniums. My mom and I collected them for many years — starting well before they became popular. I still have quite a variety. They are past their prime now, but maybe next year I’ll be inspired to catalog my collection. It would be fun. 🙂

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