Product Review: Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball


I am always hesitant to review products but my interest was piqued when I was asked if I would consider reviewing a produce from the new Sophie Conran range for Burgon & Ball.  I was particularly interested in the indoor watering can.

I have an increasing collection of houseplants and it always seems such a performance watering them especially as some are quite high on shelves and when the water level in the can is getting low I find myself reaching up very awkwardly.   Therefore, I have been looking for a watering can with a long spout for sometime, although admittedly a little halfheartedly.  The Burgon & Ball watering can comes with the required long spout and the balance between the body of the can, the handle and the spout seems to be just right for reaching up to those awkwardly placed plants.


I also like the appearance of the watering can.  It is hardly surprising given Sophie Conran’s pedigree that the look of the can is so appealing.  I like the pale blue colour, although I question the dark grey option I think another pastel would be more appealing to a wider audience.  The information with the watering can says that it has been designed to go on a window sill and it is certainly the right size to do this and look good so no more finding cupboard space for an awkwardly shaped object.

The retail price on the web-site is £14.95 which I think is very reasonable for a metal, but lightweight, attractive watering can that actually works – not something I can say about some of the other watering cans I have bought for the houseplants.

The Sophie Conran range covers all the usual suspects for smaller gardening tools and I think many would make excellent presents for gardening friends and family as they are just so attractive.

One Comment on “Product Review: Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball

  1. Yes, that looks rather nice, it ticks all the boxes but maybe the grey one is to appeal to the male of the species! I have a little, green, Haws, plastic one that I won in a raffle,. just the job!

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