My Garden This Weekend – 27th July 2014

Dahlia Con Amore
Dahlia Con Amore

My friend Victoria has recently said on her blog it is good to get away from your garden for a week or so as when you return you see it with fresh eyes.  I think she is right. Having been away from home for a week and then feeling unwell when I finally got into the garden, even though it was ridiculously hot and not my kind of weather, I didn’t feel the same dis-interest as I did a month ago.  I do find this time of year hard in the garden.  I am more of a do-er so I prefer the Spring and Autumn when there are lots to do; I even don’t mind Winter as I can potter in the greenhouse or make plans.  But Summer I struggle with.  As I sit in the garden I seem to only see what needs doing and what isn’t working well and this is always a sign that I need to get away for a while.


While I have been away the dahlia have started to flower. This year they are all planted out in large pots as I filled their previous home with other plants.  They seem to be doing very well this year, even better than last year.  I have been following John Massey, of Ashwood Nurseries, advice and putting a little feed in whenever I water the pots.

It has been too hot to do much but I am known in my family for fidgeting so I decided to give the patio table and chairs a make-over.  They, like so much else, has been neglected 2014_07270008for the last year or two and were looking pale and dry.  So I have sanded them down and applied numerous coats of teak oil.  It was satisfying to do as the results are quite quick and I do like the smell of teak oil!  The wood has been given a new lease of life and looks, in my opinion, better than when I first bought them, as you can see the grain etc better.

So now the table has had a face lift the Table of Delights has been re-instated.  I have to admit that it was for most of Spring covered in seed trays but these are now all sorted or accommodated elsewhere and I am going to try very hard to keep it looking nice!  The current residents are: Eucomis autumalis, Aeonium ‘Cornish Tribute’ and Allium flavum.


I’m conscious that I need to start re-potting my bulb collection but in order to do this I needed to sort out the chaos that had taken over part of the greenhouse.  This morning when it was cool this seemed like a good idea but this afternoon the temperatures have soared again much higher than they forecast.  Anyway,  I have soldiered on and I am pleased with the result.  A number of aloe seedlings and other smaller succulents, surplus to requirement, have been potted up ready to donate to the local horticultural show in a couple of weeks. All the other greenhouse residents have had a once over and where needed repotted – some borderline plants have been planted out and told they need to toughen up and take their chances!!


The result has cheered me up and I feel as though I have some handle on things – well that is until I go up the garden and see the various brambles that need to come out and the dead acer that needs removing, and….. well you could go on for ever but this is what I enjoy about gardening; there is always something new to interest or challenge you.



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  1. Aw, thanks for the link! Your garden is looking great – I love the dahlia. And the pots in the greenhouse look so gorgeous. It’s so satisfying to have a good tidy-up – although I am getting a little bit fed up with deadheading here at Awkward Hill.

  2. Diana Studer says:

    I have Eucomis guilt. I’m not giving my poor potted bulb what it wants.
    But I have blooming snowdrops, and bluebell leaves.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Your dahlia is absolutely gorgeous! I definitely want to plant more of these in my garden. Right now I only have one white variety. What are your favorite varieties?

  4. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Looking good! But don’t forget your new garden seat – it IS for sitting on! Lovely winter sunny, blue, no wind day!!! Yea! Yesterday stared sunny then clouded over and light showers here but downpours just a little way away! Lots of magnolias out and taiwanese cherries that attract Tuis. I have hung a sugar water container out but not many found it yet!

  5. chriscaff says:

    Well done! It’s hard to keep going when it’s hot. I’m having the same trouble here. And those pile ups in the greenhouse I can relate to. Your dahlias look lovely. I grew mine from seed last year and this year they’re blooming well in the border. I’ve enjoyed your blog. Thank you.

  6. Of Gardens says:

    I find it hard to do any real gardening in the summer. It is too hot and after the enormous push of the spring to get the garden ready, everything seems like so much work in the summer. I prefer to work in the garden in the spring and the fall

  7. Julie says:

    Thank you for expressing your feelings about summer gardening. Summer is meant to be the high point of the garden year but I too have found myself slightly disinterested my garden and feeling guilty as a result. There is so much growth that it is hard to keep everything under control and I am not a lover of working in the heat nor sitting idle in the garden. I like your idea for revamping the garden furniture – mine really needs doing and your ‘table of delights’ looks fabulous. A small task might be just the thing to ignite my enthusiasm again.

  8. Tom says:

    I have just been reading of one US gardener who calls July “Hammock Month” as it is the month when they down tools and just enjoy the garden without trying to do anything in it. At least that’s what they tell me. I suspect that they really just plan what they are going to do in August. It’s a shame I only found out about this description on the last day of July. It will be next year before I can start introducing the concept to my wife..

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