Paisley Ponderings

2014_09090002I had been making good progress on the paisley designed cushion cover but I suspect I am about to take some steps backwards.

In my last post I mentioned how frustrated with the transfer method suggested with the pattern in the Stitch magazine I was.  I used a transfer pencil and despite repeating the process several times the pattern was barely visible even with my glasses on!  So I decided enough was enough and drew in the design freehand which turned out to be quite easy really given the simplicity of the design.  I definitely prefer the pounching transfer method.

Anyway having transferred the design I have made good progress on the largest motif.  The outline is in stem stitch, with the flowers made up of detached chain stitches and French knots.  I have to say that I have felt that any doubt I might have had about French knots have definitely been put to bed. I also enjoyed the crewelwork project much more as I like the complexity of the stitches and effect achieved.

All seemed well until I realised that my approach of using a waste knot was failing dismally. I had learnt this method of starting off a new thread on the previous project where it was great.  Essentially you start the thread off going down from the top side of the fabric a little way from where you will be stitching.  Then when you have finished you snip of the knot and the thread is caught up with the stitches on the back of the work.  This worked well with crewelwork due to the density of the stitching but with the current project it hasn’t work since the stitches are quite well spread out and so there is nothing really to catch the thread. I really should have twigged this a little earlier.

Therefore I am going back to my old approach for the rest of this project catching the thread under previously sewn stitches and I think I might have to re-do some of the work I have already done but I think I will come back to that at the end.

I am still pondering the Embroiders Guild course.  I think I might go for it as it will bring out my creative imagination which must be lurking somewhere, although if I could find some sort of distance learning course through which I could learn skills such as goldwork, blackwork or stumpwork I would prefer to go for one of those.


8 Comments on “Paisley Ponderings

    • Hi Noelle
      I agree, I have found myself looking at plants in the garden and thinking ‘hmm now how could I do that in embroidery’!

  1. I know it’s a paisley pattern and it definitely looks like a paisley pattern but I just can’t help seeing a smiling whale with two little flowery eyes 🙂
    Very pretty.

    • Hi Donna
      That is funny, I will never look at it in the same way again 🙂

  2. I hope Donna’s comment hasn’t put you off the cushion altogether! ps big decision about the course, as I guess it would be a sizeable time commitment. I used to love embroidering my own samplers but I just don’t sit long enough these days….

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