Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – September 2014


Looking back to last September’s GBBD post I seem to be showing the same plants with one of two additions.  I don’t have many Asters to show as they haven’t quite opened their blooms yet and with the grey days we have had recently I think they may take a few more days yet. One of the new additions is Crocosmia Emily MacKenzie which I have tried to grow before and lost so fingers crossed this time.  I really like the flared flowers with the darker markings inside.


September wouldn’t be September without me showing you Kirengeshoma palmata which is the star of my garden at this time of year.  As I have said probably too many time before the flowers remind me of butter curls.


An unknown Rudbeckia continues to glow in the border.  This is self-seeded from who knows where although my suspicion is that the birds may have had something to do with it.


Although I find the Aster umbellatus difficult to photograph due to the small flowers I do think it is a very underrated plant.  It adds good height to the border without needing staking even in my garden and the insects seem to love it.


2014_09140031logoThe Dahlias are all still flowering well and have done much better in individual pots this year than in the border.  I have only included the one above, Classic Rosamund, as the others have all appeared on the blog in the last month or so.  Classic Rosamund has only recently opened and I really like the composition of the flower which in my opinion is more interesting than the popular simple Bishop flowers but not as over the top as the cactus flowers.

2014_09140009logoI do like white Japanese Anemones although I must be in a minority as they don’t seem to appear very often in gardens or the media.  I know they have a habit of running but I like the purity of the colour and the way they can really light up a dark corner.


Finally one of my new Japanese Anemones, Queen Charlotte. I bought three for the Cottage Border: Lady Emily, Prince Heinrich and Queen Charlotte.  I have planted them in order of seniority along the border so I can remember which is which with Lady Emily closest to the steps – so far it seems to be working but who knows if I will remember this time next year!

Those are my floral highlights for September 2014.  For more floral highlights visit Carol over at May Dream Gardens who has hosted this monthly meme for more years than I, and no doubt she, care to remember


18 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – September 2014

    • Hi RD
      Arh but I moved the rudbeckia to by the euphorbia!

  1. Rudbeckia looks great by the Euphorbia, I keep wanting you to have a Wulfenii…love the Jekyll quote at the top!
    Do you have Hellebores in your garden? I have been trying to sort it out??

  2. I prefer the white Japanese anemome, such a white glow and with their yellow centres lovely in shade. They take off here so need to be kept in check. We have thousands of croscosmia’s coming up in our new Bird Bush planting. About 100m x 20m of sloped clay. Croscosmias a pain here! Every little corm grows and becomes a mat! we only lost one plant of hundreds of bush we planted in Autumn – despite at least 4 huge storms! Growing well Been trying to find where the Tuis are nexting. They are such amazing birds, black/blue/green with a white fluff under its nexk. amazing songs, imitates, worbles, whistles, clacks sings and one of ours sounds like a telephone! Quite territorial

  3. It’ s funny most crocosmias are so strong growing but Emily McKenzie never seems to do very well with me either. I have bought a gorgeous new one this year called ‘ Hell Fire’. It is like the deepest, red velvet.
    I love your Kirengeshoma. What a beautiful plant. Mine is a bit puny.

  4. What lovely colors and shapes you have in your garden! I suppose we have to concede some help from the birds whether we like it or not 🙂

  5. The birds are very good at spreading seeds about the garden, I like nice surprises like that. My Kirengeshoma is also flowering but the leaves are like lace, I will certainly move it when the flowers are over.

  6. I’ve been following your blog for a while with great interest but silently. Living in France I find it interesting to follow English gardening blogs to see whether things develop in a similar way. What struck me was your comment about Japanese white anenomes not being popular whereas here in France they frequently feature on garden blogs. Garden Bloggers Bloom day is a nice idea but is it just once a year ?

    • Hi Judith
      Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is every month on the 15th. It is hosted by Carol at May Dreams as per the link at the bottom of my post.
      I’m glad you like the blog

  7. Thanks for the information. I’m a bit late for this month but I’ll try to do something for October. It must be good fun participating.

  8. I’m with you on white anemones Helen especially ‘Honorine Joubert’. My bird visitors are not as well disposed as yours. I get yellow Welsh poppies for my troubles.

  9. Hi, i start this hobby a few years ago as well. I often travelling to other country, before my plants are all dead, but with succulent, it become much more easier for me.
    When i come back, it is superb that they all doing great. Now i start to work on my hobby. If you like you can see my etsy shop for glass terrarium, mini planter for
    succulents,, have a good day.

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