More Paisley or should I say Whales?

Nellie Makes

2014_09190017Donna’s comment on my last post that the first paisley motif made her think of a whale with flowery eyes made me chuckle and since then all I can see are whales. I have completed the second motif now which looks even more like a whale than the last one!

This motif is much better than the last one as I have abandoned the waste knot starting method so the ends are secure.  I haven’t got bored of french knots yet but I am more and more convinced that I get more enjoyment from the crewelwork I did in the last project.

Two more small motifs, or whales to do, and then I have to decide whether to do some motifs on the back of the cushion and then to sew it all up and finish it!

2014_09190018In the meantime I am looking for the next project which will be…

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  1. Hello Helen, just came across your garden blog. Love it. So chatting about such common things is what gives it a true ring for me.
    May I use your Nesfield garden photo that I found on your blog on my own blog post? The topic is Nesfield. I love Nesfield’s bold garden designs of color and structure.

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Mickey – that is fine but it would be nice to credit the photo to me with a link to the blog?

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