End of Month View – October 2014


October seems to have been a wet and windy month but it has certainly been a busy month for me resulting in not much gardening time and of course with the evenings drawing in things aren’t going to improve until the Spring.


I’m amazed at how much the succulents have filled out in the trough in the front garden.  I was worried when I planted it back in the spring that I hadn’t included enough plants but now I am far more happy.


Here it is in situ and I am again pleased with how well the succulents planted in the border have done.  I do need to lift the Aeonium but I am going to risk the other succulents.


The staging area is entering its winter period and is currently home to various pot of mixed alpines.  There are also a number of tender perennials in pots that are being collected here ready to overwinter storage. This area continues to work well and keeps my rapidly growing and eclectic collection of plants in some order.


The patio border is now loosing its summer clothing but I know that there are lots of bulbs waiting to appear come the spring and this is one of the first areas I am going to tidy this weekend.  It is definitely more balanced since I moved the edgeworthia to the left which just shows you shouldn’t shoe horn plants into spaces rather than make an appropriate space for them.

2014_10300021The cottage border hasn’t really changed.  There are still some roses appearing but the plants are definitely shutting down for the winter now so I will give it  bit of a weed and tidy and wait for the bulbs to appear.  I am pleased with how this area has developed over the last couple of years.  When I dug up the back lawn two years ago I was completely intimidated by the space and procrastinated for ages trying to work out where and if to put in paths.  In the end the path showed itself as it was the logical route to the plants.  It was meant to be a narrow access path not a feature but its now my favourite route around the garden and also the cat’s favourite sun-bathing location.

I need to do some tweaking to the Big Border on the right of the path.  Its just a case of re-positioning some of the plants so the lower ones hide the legs of the taller ones.  I find that planting a slope, as this part of the border is, quite challenging as you not only have to take into account the view from the front of the border but also how the plants relate to each other as they go up the slope and in this case the border is also viewed as much from the back so in fact it is a sloping island bed – what a ridiculous idea!  I am still pondering moving the Cotinus at the end of the border.  Its rather large and whilst I know I can prune it I think the rest of the border will work better without it so I am considering a new location for the shrub.


The far end of the Big Border is quite shady and home to several spring flowering woodland plants and a small Magnolia but I need to add some interest for other times of the year – maybe improve the foliage textures and find something to go in the bare patch in front of the magnolia.


Finally my favourite part of the garden – the new seating area.  Its looking a little messy as I have added some fine gravel from the greenhouse which might not have been the best idea but with use the small grit will work its way down between the larger stones and hopefully it will look OK.  The tin bath pond is being emptied over the winter and I will start again in the spring once I have decided what plants to use in it.  It has had Zantedeschia in it but they won’t overwinter in the pond so I will probably store them overwinter under cover.

I think there is still a lot of interest in the garden but mainly from foliage which is rapidly becoming more important to me than the flowers. I do think that there needs to be some stronger structures included to give it winter interest so I will have a think about this over the coming months and see what ideas I can come up with.

If you would like to join in with the End of Month View meme you are very welcome.  There are no real rules, you can use it as you want. You can feature one area through the year or you can do a tour, whatever.  I do find it is very helpful in making you look critically at your garden but also it helps you to see how things have changed and improved over time.  All I ask is that you put a link to this post in your post and add a link to your post in the comments box.





36 Comments on “End of Month View – October 2014

    • Hi Alison
      I love my new bench it’s a great place for a cuppa

    • Hi HHG
      Thank you I am glad you like the trough, it has turned out much better than I expected

  1. A sloping garden is really hard Helen, especially when it is viewed from both sides. And how I can relate to the problem of legs!! I rather like the cotinus there, provided it can be kept small. The colour really adds something and has made me think I need more autumn foliage in the terraces too. Maybe balance it with a similar colour at the other end? Here’s my link:

    • Hi RD
      I am dithering about the cotinus and have been for some weeks which probably means it should stay put. I need to find out the best time to prune it

    • Hi Ronnie
      Thanks for joining in with the meme. This garden isn’t as steep as my last one believe it or not

  2. Oh I like that splash of silver and red on the left in the first photo Helen. Are those your new purchases the names of which escape me? If so they have really settled in and look as if they have been there for some time. The succulent trough is a joy which has filled out perfectly over the season. What’s happening in the last photo – cat on ground level, plant pots on bench? Now that’s not how it should be 🙂
    Thanks as always for hosting. My end of month view is here :

    • Hi Anna
      No the silver is a Euphorbia and I think the red is probably the cotinus. The new plants are put of shot. The pots on the bench are some dianthus seedlings which it appears the cat likes to eat!!

    • Hi Cathy
      You are right I can’t believe how long I dithered about the lawn. Sorry I don’t join on with your meme, I’m not very good at picking stuff for the house

  3. Your bench looks so tempting Helen, it seems to nestle down really nicely in the midst of the planting. The garden looks splendid – was it the cotinus that was giving you such eye-catching colour? It’s a really good idea to do an overview. Maybe I’ll get my lazy self to join in too!

    • Hi CathyT
      The autumn colour comes from the cotinus and also a prunus

  4. Haven’t visited in a while, Helen and really like the new look. Hemingway Rewritten, huh? Interesting you leave your agave outside. Mine is snug (in its pot) back in the greenhouse now. David

    • Hi Dave
      I don’t normally leave the agave put, will probably dig up this weekend

    • Hi Julieanne
      I like flowers too but I want the foliage to provide the backdrop and interest all year round with the flowers providing seasonal highlights

    • Hi Amy
      Welcome and I am glad you are joining in, I hope you find it useful

  5. I like how green your garden is, foliage plants can add so much. I especially like your seating area, the cat is really camouflaged! I hope my Cotinus will start to get big soon, it is still quite small. I hope to see more “smoke” next spring. It can be tricky gardening on a slope, it looks great!

  6. Hi Helen, that bench area is really inviting, and I find it hard to remember that you ever had a lawn to remove, though I don’t envy you having to make a sloping island bed work, either one of those challenges is “interesting”, but both together?! I agree about shoe-horning plants, I find shrubs particularly hard to space, my Edgeworthia has grown alarmingly quickly, and I have had to give up on some of my plans for perennials around it as a result! I really like your succulent trough, and it works well with the surrounding border planting too. Much better than being isolated on a patio I think. Thanks again for hosting, my post is now up: http://plantaliscious.janetbruten.co.uk/2014/11/end-of-month-view-october-2014/

    • Hi Janet
      My edgeworthia hasn’t really grown much this year although it was only planted in the spring, I hope it doesn’t put grow it’s space too quickly

    • hi John
      you are very welcome, the more the merrier

  7. Your garden has a lovely autumn feel about it Helen. I like the colour the Cotinus adds to that border. Your patio border still looks great. My Kirengeshoma collapsed in a heap courtesy of Gonzalo!
    I have to add that I have truly enjoyed taking part in the meme this year, it has allowed my new bed to settle and grow just as it should without me interfering with it at every opportunity! Thanks for hosting.

  8. Finally, linking in today Helen. I always enjoy this meme as it does help us all look at our gardens with some introspection. I adore the seating area, but the border of the alpine container is really wonderful too. I too am thinking about more foliage, and moving some things, actually lots of things around come next year. This year was a no-gardening year, but a great year to observe. Love the view looking down from the slope…slopes are hard as I used to have many in my old garden. Hope you enjoy the garden review:


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