Wordless Wednesday – 4/11/14 – The Last Japanese Anemone



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  1. Cathy says:

    This is a pretty pale pink frilly one, Helen – does it have a name?

  2. Lovely! And I had the same question as Cathy, do you still have the name? I tend to always lose them on my plants despite the best of intentions!


  3. Helen Johnstone says:

    Hi Cathy and Caroline
    I do believe it is Lady Emily. I bought three – the other two are Queen Charlotte and Prince something or other. So I could remember which was which I planted them in order of rank! So Queen Charlotte comes first, then Prince ? and then Lady Emily

    1. Have just found your Blog Helen….love it! Inspiring me to get out and tackle my out of control garden.By the way is the Japanese anenome that you mentioned named Prince Heinricht? Happy gardening.

    2. Helen Johnstone says:

      Hi Sue

      Yes it is. I was replying from work so couldnt access my notes but yes Prince Heinricht sits in the border between Lady Emily and Queen Charlotte!

  4. Juliet says:

    We are currently trying (and mostly failing) to dig out some of the white ones which are all over our new garden – they’re lovely but are a bit too much of a good thing at the moment. I’m hoping eventually to confine them to pots so I can keep them in one area.

    I love your way of remembering which ones you’ve planted where!

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