Merry Christmas


Thank you for your support and encouragement this year.

Best wishes for 2015.


18 Comments Add yours

  1. rudioniovalentino says:

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too !!!

  3. Donna says:

    Merry Christmas Helen!

    Thank you so much for a wonderful year of good gardening tips and great fun – looking forward to the next!

  4. rusty duck says:

    Merry Christmas Helen. Hope you get rid of that cold!

  5. Kim gibson says:

    Merry Christmas, look forward to viewing more in 2015

  6. Amy says:

    Merry Christmas, Helen! I hope you are feeling better soon. It does happen at holiday time, doesn’t it? I’ve so enjoyed your blog 🙂

  7. alison says:

    Thank you and a very Happy Christmas to you too! Have enjoyed this and your other blogs through the year.

  8. A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and yours.

  9. Anna says:

    I hope that you are able to unwind and relax over the next few days Helen and that Santa brings you some gardening related goodies. I’m sure that you will have one eye on the garden when you are eating your Christmas pud xxx

  10. Brian Skeys says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2015 Helen.

  11. Diana Studer says:

    I have just published my End of Month View, linked back to yours for November.
    Happy Christmas!

  12. Merry Christmas Helen and a very Happy New Year!!

  13. Chloris says:

    Happy Xmas Helen and happy gardening in 2015.

  14. Helen, wishing you and your sons a very happy christmas, Frances

  15. Juliet says:

    Merry Christmas, Helen!

  16. Thank YOU. Happy New Year.

  17. johnvic8 says:

    Helen, I pray that you will be blessed in the coming year with good health, good friends, a doting family, and a beautiful garden.

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