Galanthus 'Ding Dong'
Galanthus ‘Ding Dong’

I was thrilled to see that the sunshine has encouraged Galanthus ‘Ding Dong’ to open its flowers.  These are the first snowdrops to flower this year in the garden.  I bought the bulbs last year at the AGS Snowdrop Conference and planted them out in the border.  It was a bit of a risk given they weren’t cheap but I have been told by quite a few snowdrop growers that they don’t do very well in pots so I decided to throw caution to the wind and it has paid off – not only have they bloomed again but the clump has already bulked up which bodes well for the future.  The other two clumps of snowdrops I planted last year are showing signs of putting in an appearance so I am feeling more positive about my investment last January.