Sample of a Sampler



I haven’t posted about my crafty exploits for a while so I thought an update was due.  Having completed the Sheep Pincushion I had started on a beaded scissor case from the same supplier but it was all rather fiddly and for some reason I had fallen out of love with it.  I was in that horrid place where you think I really ought to get on with that and then go off finding other things to do.

Anyway, a few weeks back the latest edition of The Stitch magazine plopped through the letter box and I was instantly drawn to the sampler pattern featured in it.  It was exactly what I needed – simple and straight forward.  Lots of repetition and not on so small a scale (like the scissor case) that I was thinking I needed to get a magnify glass to supplement my glasses.

I ordered the material choosing to go for the colours shown in the magazine as they appealed to me and I wanted to try out the tonal threads.  I am sure I have enough embroidery silks stashed away to use up left overs but I was really after a no-think project.  This might sound strange but work is so demanding at the moment that I come home with my head spinning and in need of peace and quiet in the evenings with no more information or thinking coming my way.  I am even too tired to really engage in social media aside from keeping the blog going.  Sitting watching a drama on television while I stitch a repetitive row is just my level at the moment and it is surprisingly relaxing and rewarding.

The perfectionist in me twitches at the photo above as the stitches aren’t spot on but I then remind myself that this is its charm.  An added bonus was that I have already learnt two new stitches – fern and chevron.  There’s a way to go yet and maybe when I have finished it I might feel inclined to finish the scissor holder (or maybe I will just put that away for the foreseeable future!).



10 Comments on “Sample of a Sampler

  1. Your stitches look pretty neat to me! I’m doing a cross-stitch picture at the moment called ‘a basket of lavender’. I am just filling in one corner of the basket and am having the same experience as you with your scissor holder! I know that when I pick it up again it will do my head in until I get that corner done … keep going Helen, the sampler will be lovely when finished! Let us see a photo?

    • Hi Cathy
      I suspect my scissor case will stay in the work bag for some time – its just too tiny and fiddly.
      Why dont you try a different piece of your cross-stitch and come back to the dreaded corner?

  2. It will be a fantastic reference – you could even switch in a stitch that you find particularly intriguing, instead of one of the stitches in the original..

    • Arh but that would mean going free style and I havent got the courage for that yet

  3. Lovely! Isn’t nice to create something like this with your own hands? I have several cross-stitch kits that I keep thinking I need to get to work on but just can’t seem to get in the spirit! Please let us see your sampler when it’s complete.

    • Hi
      I will post a pic when it is finished, but dont hold your breath

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