This week’s Photo Challenge theme is scale – having something in a photo to show an extreme of scale.  As I quite like to do these posts on a Friday evening I tend to use photographs I already have rather than going out to take a photograph especially; it also gives me a good opportunity to look back through photos.

I thought about large and small things and remembered this statue that we saw on holiday last summer at Lake Maggiore.  It is a statue a local saint,  San Carlo Borrome, or Big St Charles to the locals. The Borrome family are one of the powerful families in Italy and own Isola Bella in Lake Maggiore and as well as many other properties and land. The statue is 23.40m tall on top of a 11.7m pedestal and is one of the largest in the world.  One of its claims is that it is one of the largest statues that you can climb up inside.  The statue was built, in the 17th century,  around a masonry chimney with the body constructed of copper sheeting on a wooden framework and the head and hands are made of bronze.

The temperatures were high this day which explains the heat haze around the statue but I think the inclusion of my fellow travellers in the photo demonstrates the scale well. And no we didn’t climb to the top as it we only stopped quickly on the way back from a tour to Lake Orta.