Garden Bloggers Bloom Day 15/2/15


Forgive my soggy photographs it was raining heavily yesterday and I only had time first thing to take them (the afternoon was spent at a lovely talk by Anna Pavord).  Being Spring the theme for the flowers in the garden is generally tiny and pastel.  The primulas have been flowering on and off all winter since it has been so mild but now it is a little warmer the flowers are bulking up.  I think I should try dividing some of these plants this year.  I think this one is one they call Blue Denim or Tie Dye as I remember buying it some 5 or 6 years ago but the markings are not so distinct now so maybe not.


I do like the colouring of the Primula below, it’s quite vibrant for February and there is obviously some polyanthus in this plant as the flower stem have grown taller this year than last, possibly revert back to its origins.


Then we have the snowdrops which are slowly but surely bulking up.  It would be false to say I lift and divide them every year, it more a case that they get distributed as part of my weeding.  I have been working at getting them to spread along the back bank and there is now quite a nice display which you can see from the house.


Of the ‘specials’ which are flowering well at the moment I thought the following looked worth of inclusion in this monthly post.

Galanthus Ding Dong

Galanthus Ding Dong

Galanthus Magnet

Galanthus Magnet

Galanthus Flora Pleno

Galanthus Flora Pleno

There are still a few to open their blooms and they along with the Eranthis which I wont bore you with again have been wonderful over the last grey month but now they are being taken over by the Hellebores which are starting to open.  The yellows always open first with the dark pinks the last.


Hellebore Walbertons Rosemary

Hellebore Walbertons Rosemary

Hellebore Neon Star

Hellebore Neon Star

The daffodils I featured in January have finally opened and are just beginning to fade, there are other daffodil buds appearing but it will be some weeks before these early ones have any followers.


Under cover Iris ‘Cantab’ is flowering looking elegant and dainty and I have enjoyed bringing pots inside so I can enjoy their flowers when they are peaking. But they have to compete with the blousey and exuberant Clivia which is new to me and I just love.

Iris Cantab

Iris Cantab


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25 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day 15/2/15

    • Hi Virtuose
      I think I just got lucky as it was grey, misty and overcast the rest of the weekend

  1. I don’t like to try making photos in the rain, but raindrops on the petals do add a nice highlight. Your blooms are beautiful!.
    Happy Garden Bloggerd’ Bloom Day!

    • Hi Lea
      I don’t mind the rain too much but if I am honest it wasn’t actually raining when I took the photos but it had been heavily

    • Hi Lee
      Goodness a blizzard! I am hoping we are seeing the back of our winter weather as I am just so bored of the greyness now

  2. Those snowdrops and hellebores–just stunning. I enjoy learning about each, as they’re not something I can grow.

    • Hi Tina
      I couldn’t imagine not being able to grow snowdrops or hellebores but I bet you can grow things I can’t and which make me jealous

  3. Aren’t the flowers on ‘Walberton’s Roemary’ huge Helen? Although I was first attracted to dark flowered hellebores I’ve come to prefer the pink, creams and whites as I think they stand out so much more. Iris ‘Cantab’ seems to be shimmering. Hope that you tell us more about Anna Pavord’s talk 🙂

    • Hi Anna
      They are rather large and face more upwards. The talk was good but more about lessons she had learnt in gardening so not too easy to blog about. But we did learn how Anna’s Red which was named after her got it’s name, she is thrilled by it and also because she and John Massey managed to help the breeder get royalties from the plant which he had no idea about doing.

  4. Hellebores are so pretty. I haven’t got any in my garden but looking at your photos I think that I need to get few specimen for the borders. Your daffodil is blooming already? The spring is on its way!

    • Hi Aga
      That daffodil always flowers weeks before the others, it was in the garden when we moved here so no idea on the variety. I love hellebores wonderful flowers at this time of year and fabulous foliage the rest

    • Hi RD
      It is rather fab isn’t it. I bought it at a plant sale in late October and was in flower, flowers stayed until Jan when I removed them and now another flower spike, wonderful

  5. A friend of mine grows Clivia and they are not a patch on your beatiful specimen Helen. It’s gorgeous.
    Those snowdrops are spearding themselves (with a little help) about and look great in such bulk. It must be a real pleasure looking out at them.

    • Hi Angie
      Well I only bought it in January so I can’t take any of the glory, we shall see if it flowers next year, then I will be chuffed

  6. I love all your primroses. In fact I think I could quite easily get as obsessed with primroses as I am with hellebores and snowdrops. I love G. Ding Dong and your lovely hellebores.

    • Hi Chloris
      I have always loved primulas and am rediscovering them at the moment. Just sowed a couple of packets from Barnhaven which hopefully will be interesting.

    • Hi Diana
      It’s far more orange in real life, I suspect the house light diluted the colouring.

  7. Beautiful blooms. I think the earliest of spring flowers are by far my favorites, and plain old snowdrops still can’t be beat for the pristine white of their blooms.

  8. Hi Bittster
    I like the early spring flowers but then I think we are so starved for flowers over winter I would be grateful for anything 🙂

  9. Neon Star is a bit different – not seen that before. How lovely to have heard Anna Pavord speak in person – and to know that the hellebore was named after her. We have always had orange clivias like this in our family but I managed to kill mine off years ago and I don’t think my Mum’s has flowered for ages so it’s good to see yours.

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