End of Month View – February 2015


February seems to be ending on some sunny days which make a welcome relief after the recent grey and cold.  It was a delight today to potter in the garden without having to wear a coat.  As you can see from the state of the grass path it has been very wet here and the path is looking muddy.  It does take a lot of wear and I keep wondering about replacing it with a gravel path, a bark one doesn’t appeal.  However, my cat loves the grass – she sunbathes here and if often seen leaping around on it chasing some leaf or twig.  She doesn’t really like my gravel paths choosing instead to creep along the stone edges so I think it will remain but I may lift it and level it.


The border alongside the steps has seen the most work this last month and although it looks rather bare there are lots of plants emerging.  I have also been adding some geraniums and boykinia along the stone edge to try to soften it.  I love the watsonia leaves with the sun shining through them at the bottom of the obelisk it is such a useful plant and really should be grown more.


There is still little to see in the woodland border although I have spotted some narcissus coming through and hopefully the epimediums will start to flower soon. Once plants start to emerge I want to work on improving this area.  It needs more cohesion and really being a woodland border it should have lots of hellebores, erythroniums and spring bulbs right now – something I will need to address.


The other end of the woodland border looking very bare and dull also.  More work to do but also so much potential for plant buying!  I have been doing some on-line shopping so hopefully these purchases will have an impact this time next year.  I should add some snowdrops and eranthis here too or maybe some crocus and some ferns and possibly digitalis but I would also like some late summer/autumn interest.


Another view across the grass path and there has been a change since last month as I have moved a Cotinus into the foreground.  I wonder how useful this view is as the grass path seems to be featuring too much.  Maybe I will find a spot to take a better shoot of the old bog border from for next month.

So there we are at the end of February.  It is looking generally tidy, there are splashes of colour from hellebores and bulbs and so much beginning to emerge through the soil.  I have started to implement some of my planting plans and have other ideas up my sleeve including painting the shed and hopefully over the next couple of months with lighter evenings and possibly more favourable weather I might be able to really make some progress.

Anyone is welcome to join in with the End of Month meme and you can use it as you wish.  We post on the last day of the month, or thereabouts, and some of us show the same shots of the garden every month, whilst others give a more general tour.  All I ask is that you leave a link to your post in the comment box below and link to this post in your blog post – that way we can all find each other and come for a visit.



Author: Helen Johnstone

I live in Malvern, Worcestershire and am a very keen gardener. I started the Patient Gardener Blog in January 2008 as a way of recording what was happening in my garden and connecting with other like-minded people. I started a second blog PatientGardener 365 January 2013 in order to try and post a photo a day to capture what is growing in my garden or places I have visited

44 thoughts on “End of Month View – February 2015”

  1. The garden is looking lovely despite the vagaries of the winter! I’m always drawn to the picture of the stairs/shed/seat area at the top of the garden, as my back yard also slopes upward and I have a shed and seat to enjoy the view in almost exactly the same corner (but yours looks so much nicer than mine)!

    1. Hi Matt
      Maybe the softer winter sunshine helps!!!! I’m sure your shed and path looks good but I think we are all so critical of our own spaces.

    1. Hi Diana
      My cat doesnt like walking on gravel but she does like lying on it in the sun

    1. Hi AP
      Yes I have numerous pots of bulbs waiting to go out but I am waiting to see where the gaps are when the perennials appear rather than digging holes for the bulbs and disturbing the sleeping perennials.

  2. My cat seems to be the odd one out here, he keeps walking up and down my gravel path every day, even though he could just as easily have jumped into the flowerbed and walked on the bark mulch. But perhaps bark mulch is even worse to walk on than gravel?! He uses the flowerbeds as his toilet, nicely rotated so no area gets too heavily used, and once he is finished he jumps back on the gravel path 🙂

    Your garden looks lovely in the spring sunshine, this time of year is such a good time for putting plans into action, I am looking forward to seeing your new plants for the woodland border.

    Here is my EOMV for February:

    1. Hi Helene
      Thank you for joining in the meme. My cat is funny as you can almost see her thinking ‘why has she put gravel here, doesnt she know I dont like it’ as she tiptoe across the gravel path

  3. It’s difficult to avoid the garden looking bare in February. I was thinking much the same looking at my own slope this morning. I was wondering if this time next year, when I’ve added more plants, it will look more cohesive. But then again I love my summer perennials and they need the spaces in which to grow. The eternal dilemma of the all seasons gardener!

    More slope shenanigans here: http://www.rustyduck.net/2015/02/28/shall-i-prune-the-pyracantha/

    1. Hi Jessica
      You are right getting the balance across the seasons is so tricky and few of use have space for season specific borders. Popping over to see your slope

  4. Bare spaces in a garden are exciting! – you can enjoy planning what to put in them.

    I like the view across the grass path to the shed – it gives a more cohesive view of the garden, it’s good to see how different areas fit together. I’ll have to remember that when I’m doing my garden tour as my natural inclination is to crop everything and just show close-ups.

    Here is my February end of month view: http://agardenfullofdodos.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/end-of-month-view-february-2015.html

    1. Hi Juliet
      I think we are all good at cropping photos to showcase the good bits which is why I like this meme as it makes you take a step back and look at a wider view and people are always kind with their comments.

  5. All looking really full of potential, Helen. And I agree, so lovely to be able to get outside in the sunshine. Like Matt, I always particularly like the picture featuring the steps, lovely with the light shinging through.

    Here’s my EOMV https://duverdiary.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/end-of-month-view-february-2015/
    but could I also invite anyone to offer an opinion on my previous post https://duverdiary.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/advice-please/
    as it’s giving me sleepless nights!

    1. Hi Jen
      I like that view too but it is generally all shed and gravel and seems strange to me to include in a post on gardening as there isnt a lot of plant life in that shot!!

    1. Oh those steps up to the shed and the chair are most inviting Helen although I can’t see you sitting still for long in one spot 🙂 Are you painting the shed another colour or just giving it a new lick of the same colour? Have fun choosing new plants for the woodland border. The late summer/autumn interest is perhaps the most challenging but I’m sure it will look great when you’ve cracked it. My end of month view is now up over at :

    2. Hi Joe
      I think the grass path is staying not least because I haven’t got the energy to dig it up. I want to concentrate on planting this year rather than digging and creating more mess!

    3. Hi Anna
      I do sit on the bench and have a cuppa. Its a good spot to look across the garden and plan. I have in mind a dark brown almost black shed with sage green highlights!!!!!! We have a sage green back door to the garage and I want to incorporate the colour more in the garden fixtures to bring things together. I often stain the fences almost black but they have a habit of fading so I am currently researching what to use on the shed so I dont have to do it on an annual basis.

    1. Hi Cathy
      Yes I knew I was going to be out all day at the garden club yesterday so I took the photos on Friday when it was sunny which was lucky. Lovely sunny day here today now although quite blustery

    1. Thank you Alison. The sun makes such a difference at this time of year, the garden seems to shine

    1. Hi Shirley
      Thank you for joining in. I do like different colour foliage and I try to incorporate it in the garden to provide backdrops to the flowers but I am still very much learning.

  6. The sun shining through the watsonia is lovely, Helen! I dropped watsonia from my order at the last minute; now I’m wishing I hadn’t… Next time 😉 Everything is looking so neat and ready for springtime, and a few blank spaces only lend excitement about what to add.
    Here is my EOMV post – I’m showing one of my bare little, new little beds this month: http://smallsunnygarden.blogspot.com/2015/02/end-of-month-view-dry-corner-in-february.html\
    Thanks for hosting the EOMV!

    1. Hi Amy
      I do like Watsonia. I am aiming for no blank spaces by the summer. I am going for Vita Sackville’s bung them in approach.!!

  7. I see the beginnings of spring in your garden, Helen. And I’m impressed how tidy it looks. Mine is still under a foot or more of snow, and more forecast for tomorrow, so I’ll wait until the snow has gone before I start participating in you meme. Just off to check out some other spring garden blog postings. P. x

    1. Hi Pam
      Oh dear I would find all that snow quite depressing. I hate the cold. Stay warm and hopefully by the end of March you will be able to join in with the meme

  8. Dear Helen, there is definitively a friendly springish atmosphere in your garden at the end of February! I hope you don’t mind be saying this, but honestly, I love your grass path and would not replace it with gravel, because especially at this time of the year the green of the grass adds so much color that is pleasing, soothing and cheerful to the eye. I don’t think the grass path needs to be in perfect condition to have this positive effect. I would be afraid that gravel would create a completely different and rather dull mood in your garden in this area. Maybe as you said you might want to try to lift and level the grass path first, before you replace it with gravel and see if it is easier to maintain?
    I love the idea of painting your shed and I am very curious to know what color you have in mind. I also very much like the look of the main bed (old log border?) in your last photo to the left of your shed.

    Here is my contribution to your End of Month View February meme:


    Thanks for hosting!

    Warm regards,


    1. Hi Christina
      You are right about the path. I think the discussion this post has prompted has made me decide that it stays for all the reasons you state.

  9. I agree with Christina,I like your grass path. I have got gravel paths in my more formal areas,but I do have bark in what I call my woodland area…edged with logs ( not log roll edging). It seems softer and more natural and in keeping with the types of plant that I grow in this area. Unfortuately grass would soon get soggy and muddy here in times of prolonged wet weather, bark seems to absorb it better making it nicer to walk on.

    1. Hi Sue
      I do have bark paths but I get fustrated with them as the birds throw the bark around and being a slope it tends to slide down one end, although this would also happen with gravel. The decision has been made the grass is staying

  10. Hi Rebecca
    I don’t think we have been much warmer than you recently. Hopefully now we are in March the weather will start to improve

  11. I have admired those steps since you and your son put them in last year. Although needed, they do make a nice feature, I think.
    Your garden is looking very tidy. I was mirroring your comments re February in my post and am already thinking about what I can do to improve things for next year. Proving just how useful this meme is Helen. Thanks for hosting and I look forward to seeing how you planned works come on in your following posts.
    There’s my link.

  12. I think your garden looks great for the end of February–quite lush, though I’m sure that lushness will increase with the warmer days and longer rays of the sun. I’m curious about your Cotinus–do you know what species it is? I also have a small one that I planted about a year ago. It’s a native to Texas and is Cotinus obovatus, American (or Texas) Smoke Tree. Mine is leafing out, I assume yours is as well?

  13. Oh my gosh – so many comments – Way down here in Northern NZ it is VERY DRY still. Just had a weekend on the Corromandel. so glad no longer a farmers wife! Beautiful beaches, water so lovely, clear and warm! NZ shingle roads up the Peninsula, luckily tourists were being very careful! (We have had 10 deaths in the last month of tourists or NZ’rs caused by tourists) we are left hand drive. like Britian. Amazing bush regenerating after our ancestors cut id down for shipping masts and then goldminers destroyed also. Also Route 309 a shock with introduced weeds going rampant! Back home the irrigation working at last and the first thing I did was water my beans – still beaning! Yum! Forcast warmer than usual for next 2 months so lots more watering on the agenda! Luckily we are on town water Lots of water restrictions elsewhere. Some here at Whangaparaoa only on tank water (their choice) so have to be extra economical, bucket under shower etc to then water garden! The Garden centre is advertising planting daffodils – rubbish – too hot yet – leave until May at earliest!

  14. Looking at your neat borders makes me want the snow to melt quickly. Instead it is snowing more here. So I dream and plan. I really enjoyed the views from some different angles and especially with the sunlight at that angle. I especially love the view from the bottom of the steps. You can see all the work you have done there.

    Here’s my review of a garden that I will be working on this year. It is a rather untidy and has become more of a wild area that needs some TLC:


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